I. Must. BLOG.

Anyone familiar with my SWATCH blog (located at tcaa.brandysbedroom.com) may be familiar with a post I did titled “I’d rather be a hooker than be on welfare.” Well, it is still true. Even though I just shelled out over $600 for an unexpected medical expense. Am I stupid? Am I the only one in this situation who feels this way? Is medical coverage for self and family an issue for other sex workers?

Hence, my other sites are down for the moment. Yes, it is temporary until I replenish some funds into my bank account. Perhaps I should stick with the hosting on word press for blogging rather than my own domain. I don’t know. Perhaps this will give me a chance to be a better blogger 🙂


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4 responses to “Dilemmas

  1. I use Blogger for blogging (and back up with WordPress) and point my domain to my Blogger addy….you could host your blog here and point your own domain here as well if you wanted. WordPress would probably even automatically import your SWATCH blog here; all I do to back mine up is hit a button and it imports all posts and comments…easy as pie 🙂

    Wondered why I couldn’t access SWATCH the other day! glad to see you back and will fix my links ASAP! hugs

    and incidentally….yes I also would rather be a great many things than on welfare

  2. cch

    Well that clears up some of the mystery. Sorry to hear about the unexpected expense. Take care.

    • bdevereaux

      Thanks CC! I should be able to have the other sites back up this morning where I can let everyone else know whats going on 🙂

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