LE has sex with prostitute prior to arresting her.


…the Sandy Springs detective told the woman she was under arrest.”But we had sex,” the woman said. “Can you do that?”

According to the story, an informal survey of other LE personnel reported that what the officer did crossed the line. Most prostitution laws state a crime is committed if the person “agrees, offers, OR engages” in the conduct – meaning that having actual sex is not necessary to arrest a person for prostitution.

However, Charles Olson, the general counsel of the Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council of Georgia, told the SSPD in an e-mail in Sept. 2008 that other cases from around the country indicated “what your officers did is a legitimate investigative technique.”

Indicating that Mr. Olson agrees that it is ok to be paid (the officer is on duty) to have sex with a prostitute. Does anyone else have a problem with this or do you also think it is ok?


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4 responses to “LE has sex with prostitute prior to arresting her.

  1. Of course it’s “legitimate”, Silly girl; don’t you know everything a cop does is automatically legitimate until the public makes too big a stink about it? 😦

    • bdevereaux

      Silly me 🙂 I wonder if the public cares? What about prohibitionist groups who seem to say that prostitution should be eradicated at all costs (including the harm it would cause actual sex workers)? Do you think they would support the act of a PO having sex in order to solidify a bust?

  2. Legitimate perhaps; certainly not moral.

    In 2003, the Maricopa County Prosecutors Office threw out over a hundred prostitution charges due to police misconduct.

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