Sex Work and Driving

In reading news stories and the comments that follow, people never fail to make me tilt my head and think “What??” I’ve seen the following more than a few times, leading me to believe that this has become a new argument against any type of decriminalization.

Speeding is illegal but people are always going to do it anyway. Should we make it legal?

This is what I see in response to statements along the lines of people are going to do it anyway, may as well tax it, regulate it, etc. Do you really want to go there? Okay. Let’s do it.

Driving is inherently dangerous. People are going to speed, get behind the wheel drunk, cause accidents, and even kill people. Driving should be illegal. Lets not even bother with teaching people the correct way to drive, nor bother with licensing them to make sure they are old enough to drive, nor allow them safe places to drive (roads, highways). Lets not bother with having safety regulations, teaching them what traffic signs mean, or harm reduction tools (safety belts). People who have to earn an income by working will just have to find another way to get there, whether there is an alternative available or not. If the state allows driving, then they are condoning speeding and drunk driving that goes along with it – not an individuals right to choose to drive safely.

Sounds kind of silly doesn’t it. Wait you say. I am a grown adult who doesn’t speed, wears my safety belt, and would never drink and drive. Why should I have to suffer because some other idiots continue to not obey traffic laws? Because your individual rights don’t matter. This is for the greater good. Don’t you understand? If we can save just one child from being hit by a drunk driver wouldn’t it be worth it for you to give up driving?

Okay fine. How about it is okay to drive but not okay to get paid for it. Sure. Let’s put all taxi drivers, bus drivers, pilots, limo drivers out of work. If people want to get somewhere (even it it’s just to a doctor appointment once a month) they HAVE to invest in a vehicle and the maintenance, fee’s, etc that go along with it. We all know that nobody HAS to go anywhere, it’s not like food or water that you have to have to survive.  If you don’t feel like walking to the store maybe you can find a friend with benefits to do it for you off of Craig’s List. Oh wait, people may be driving illegally on Craig’s List and forcing people to drive for them. Guess you will have to take your chances and hitch hike.


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    • bdevereaux

      I just edited it and added the last paragraph, maybe while you were replying. Went to store after I published it and did that “Dam, I meant to say this too!” LOL Don’t you hate that?

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