Woman dies while police are on prostitution sting elsewhere.

We’ve heard the arguments before. The idea that violent crimes are going on while cops are sitting around waiting to bust consenting adults in a sexual business transaction. We can easily imagine this happening. Here is a case where it did happen:

Police Officers refused to attend fatal stabbing

Police received an emergency call at 0011 GMT on 18 January 2010 from Ms Webster’s home where screaming and shouting could be heard, and two minutes later it was confirmed that someone had been stabbed.

The two officers should have been working on an anti-prostitution operation in Northampton town centre, but at 0012 GMT and 0015 GMT a GPS device in one of their radios placed them in the immediate vicinity of the stabbing incident.

The control room requested the officers attend the incident as they were closest.

However, the officer who answered the request refused to do so saying they were on an operation and their inspector would not want them to leave their assigned duties.

Because of their refusal, an officer patrolling alone in the Towcester area responded and arrived at about 0029 GMT.

Only then could the paramedic, who had to wait near the scene for police to arrive, enter the house and treat Ms Webster.

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  1. bdevereaux

    Follow up:
    Police who ignored call keep their jobs.


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