Five calls I’d like to receive – A just for fun post.

In no certain order:

1. Ludacris – Lord I bet he can do more with his mouth than just sing and smile. Just look at that lower lip!



2. Jared Padalecki – He plays Sam Winchester on Supernatural. When this series first started his character was a total um… pussy for lack of a better word. Since the boy has literally been to hell and back he has grown some balls this last season.



3. Jensen Ackles – Ok thinking about Sam naturally got me thinking about Dean. Jensen Ackles plays Dean Winchester in the above mentioned Supernatural. His character is shorter (I do like ’em tall like Sam) but he plays such a wise ass on TV that I wouldn’t care if I jumped his bones or not. I’d be happy kicking back a brewski with him. Course you know if he wanted to do more…. well I’d be happy to oblige and wouldn’t even complain if he wanted to bring Jared. Two birds, one stone in my book.


4. Keanu Reeves – Say what you will, some call him weird, some say homosexual. I can just picture him being INTENSE for some reason, passionate, totally into it. Maybe it’s the eyes or just the characters he portrays (not including Bill and Ted stuff). Eh he might burst my bubble but hey, I’m willing to give him a shot.



5. Matthew Gray Gubler – Yea okay, he’s is not some studly sex symbol and he is a bit to skinny for my taste. Mr. Gubler plays Dr. Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds. A total brainiac with like 8 PhD’s and a graduated from college at the age of 12 book smart type of personality. But I would bet he is oooooh so trainable and he would give 110% because that’s the kind of perfectionist he portrays.

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