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Weird huh? Me, not having much to say. I sit down, open the blog, and draw a complete blank. Generally I can google the news and find inspiration within the first one or two sites that I come across. It just hasn’t been that way here lately. I’m in a funk. It happens. Bear with me.

Today, instead of coming up with some of my own material, joy, angst, or witty comparisons – I’ll just direct you to a few sites I’ve been reading and a handful of my bookmarks which you may enjoy:

As always, I generally read Maggie McNeill’s blog every day. One that particularly makes me happy and sad at the same time is the story of Jill Brenneman which you can start to read here as a four part series. A follow up Q and A post begins here. is a pet project of yours truly here and began with a discussion of hooker organization. However, there are a bajillion sex work activist and advocate sites out there and adding another into the mix may seem redundant. One thing that pisses me off (oh come on, you know there had to be at least something that pisses me off) is that when reading main stream stories, SWOP is the only one you may hear about and even then it isn’t mentioned often. Unless you are in the hooker circle with an active interest in sex work advocacy you may never hear about Desiree Alliance, or Bayswan, or the plethora of others. On the other hand, when it comes to human trafficking and child prostitution etc, organizations like The Polaris Project and Traffick911 are often seen. Even if the writer of the article refuses to acknowledge that sex work advocates also have research studies and statements, most columns have a comment section for public feedback. I’d like to see references to any of  “our” organizations listed so that those with at least a partial open mind can learn more. I see quotes from Melissa Farley all the time. Where are Robyn Few’s or Stacey Swimme’s quotes and statements? Honestly, the reason we are not being heard is that we are not speaking and if we are it must be just in whispers. ANYWAY back to the point. is a place where I am trying to bring the scattered organizations together, our research together, our message together into one place which we can then post to our hearts content around the web. If people want to know more about Desiree Alliance AND organizations similar, they will find the listings at S-WATCH. If people want to see the actual research studies that may portray prostitution in a light that the abolitionists don’t want you to see, you will find the reports there. The site is not even close to completion but there are currently some links and of course if you feel you have something to add (via link to a site or study or anything) just let me know or register and add it yourself.

And now for something that is just really cool from my Bookmarks tab:

Phone Book Carving Art

Alex Queral is a Philadelphian sculptor best known for using old phone books to carve their pages into celebrities faces. Some of the celebrities he’s made sculptures of include Barack Obama, Jack Nicholson, Frida Kahlo and John Goodman.
The process takes at least a couple of weeks to complete. He begins by sketching the famous person’s face on a piece of paper and laying it over the phone book, after that he uses a razor blade, patiently carving away at the thousands of pages that lie within phone book to create the 3D portrait. He then paints each face with a monochromatic wash to distinguish the portraits from the pages. Queral says that creating these portraits is a very tense process because it takes so long to do, and if you “cut something away you can’t get it back again.”

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