Aussie hookers and debunking of Farley

This was so good I had to copy it over here for my readers. Y’all know I like to read comments on online articles to get a feel of how the public thinks to the crap they try to tell us and I followed these two links from ladies who have sex work blogs based in Australia regarding the article I mentioned yesterday:

Luscious Lani

And here is what the Supreme Court Judge (of Ontario) thought of Melissa Farley’s research –

(D)        Conclusion: Expert Evidence

[352]      I find that some of the evidence tendered on this application did not meet the standards set by Canadian courts for the admission of expert evidence.  The parties did not challenge the admissibility of evidence tendered but asked the court to afford little weight to the evidence of the other party.

[353]      I found the evidence of Dr. Melissa Farley to be problematic.  Although Dr. Farley has conducted a great deal of research on prostitution, her advocacy appears to have permeated her opinions.  For example, Dr. Farley’s unqualified assertion in her affidavit that prostitution is inherently violent appears to contradict her own findings that prostitutes who work from indoor locations generally experience less violence.  Furthermore, in her affidavit, she failed to qualify her opinion regarding the causal relationship between post-traumatic stress disorder and prostitution, namely that it could be caused by events unrelated to prostitution.

[354]      Dr. Farley’s choice of language is at times inflammatory and detracts from her conclusions.  For example, comments such as, “prostitution is to the community what incest is to the family,” and “just as pedophiles justify sexual assault of children….men who use prostitutes develop elaborate cognitive schemes to justify purchase and use of women” make her opinions less persuasive.

[355]      Dr. Farley stated during cross-examination that some of her opinions on prostitution were formed prior to her research, including, “that prostitution is a terrible harm to women, that prostitution is abusive in its very nature, and that prostitution amounts to men paying a woman for the right to rape her.”

[356]      Accordingly, for these reasons, I assign less weight to Dr. Farley’s evidence.

From the blog of teacuptempest

Anti sex-work and anti-pornography ‘feminist’ activist Melissa Farley was referenced in Caroline Norma’s article as saying that women in prostitution “suffer rates of post-traumatic stress disorder equal to that of war veterans”. Farley is based in the United States, where legislation is thoroughly anti-sex work and sex workers are routinely ignored by law enforcement when they report sexual assault or blackmail and are not protected under the law to avoid the issues regarding “pimps”. Ignoring the fact that her research was hotly contested in an Ontario court of law under cross-examination, it is understandable that women who have no protection under the law will have higher rates of post-traumatic stress disorder. Without legal protection and the support of sex work organisations, they may be forced to perform sexual services without prophylactics, suffer rape and sexual assault, and be unable to access appropriate counselling after a violent incident for fear of legal reproach.

The more sex work is integrated into mainstream Australian society, the less marginalised workers will become. I am not used and I find it incredibly disrespectful for someone who claims to support women to suggest so. As a self-described feminist looking out for the needs of marginalised women in a society, Caroline Norma should know better than to suggest women should not have the agency to decide what variety of work they would like to perform. I am socially vulnerable because of the discrimination I face as a legal sex worker thanks to people like Norma, not because I perform sexual services for money.

When the government reads these submissions for this item of legislation I hope that it takes into account who has written what. The ACT government needs to be aware of the relevant bodies and take into account the fact that many of these ‘lobby organisations’ are run by sex workers themselves rather than a patriarchy-based organisation that under the guise of preventing trafficking in human lives instead pokes its fingers into a pie that it is completely ignorant about. If the government is able to see that in today’s society includes healthy, sex-positive members of the public that also engage in sex work, then instead of ‘[abrogating] its responsibility to its most vulnerable’, they are allowing autonomy amongst consenting adults in an industry that is both vibrant and accepting of all.

It’s almost embarrassing to be an American when the government refuses to listen to you, preferring instead to listen to people who honestly, don’t know what the hell they are talking about.

Awww. Look at these poor sad beat up crack addicted vulnerable weak women! I think they should be rescued..

(HEY, you in the corner! Stop smiling! This is supposed to be a sad picture!)


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3 responses to “Aussie hookers and debunking of Farley

  1. OMG, you just made my day 🙂 Also, did you see how many sex workers commented on the article about Caroline Norma? Woot!!!!

    You’ve got another reader here too… it’s awesome to find another funny girl in the same line of work 😀

    Lani xx
    P.S. wanna link blogs? I’m in the process of trying to figure out how to do it… Total technophobe here 🙂

    • bdevereaux

      I SAW that! It was awesome! Wish more would speak up over here but hey, I’m working on it at least 🙂 If/when you get a chance, take a peek at The Honest Courtesan’s blog (link on the right there). I read her stuff every day and often refer to her blog, send her emails, etc. Lovely person she is and very eloquent. I’m tossing your blog link in there shortly and whenever you have it figured out, feel free to throw me on yours.
      Lovely to have you here and I look forward to reading more of your stuff!

  2. I did it 🙂 Woot, go me!!!

    I’m having a lazy day reading blogs, so thank you for pointing me towards The Honest Courtesan… I’ll have a look when I’m caught up with what you’ve been up to 🙂

    Lani xx

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