What do you mean I’m not a prostitute?

Damn. I’m just all kinds of confused now. So does this mean I can openly advertise without beating around the bush so to speak (and yes BUSH, I am old school k?)

So what brought this up you wonder? Well now you know I’m going to tell you. It all started with this Lawrence Taylor vs a 16 y/o prostitute. Not going there in this column but you know I have an opinion on that shit. No, when doing my usual reading of the comments I came across this link by this blogger (warning: it’s one of those anti organizations run by people who prefer to hear themselves talk and not listen to anyone else) who is one of those I-know-everything-about-prostitution-even-though-I’ve-never-actually-been-one people and here is what she had to say *sigh* (yea stuff in red is where I couldn’t keep my little old opinion to myself and is not a part of the original quote):

So how can we protect other children and adults from being exploited in the sex trade? Jezebel identifies the crux of the problem quite nicely, and then proposes a solution that will never, ever work (course we have never, ever tried it now have we?):

“Nearly everyone agrees that ending trafficking, both of children and adults, is a moral imperative. How can we do this? One start would be to draw a clear line between trafficking and voluntary prostitution, and to severely punish those who have sex with trafficking victims.” (Is there an echo? I’ve heard this before somewhere… OH YEA! From my own lips and those of organizations like SWOP)

The clear and concrete line between “voluntary” prostitution and trafficking is imaginary: (Are you fucking kidding me?)

  • Many people we (We? Who do you mean by we? I know you are not including me) call “prostitutes” are victims of violence and control under a pimp. That means they are being trafficked.
  • Many prostituted people are raped, beaten and forced to sell their bodies to more than 10 people each day. That means they are being trafficked.
  • Many of these same people were recruited into the sex trade when they were 12, 14, 15 years old, which meant that they were trafficked.

THANK YOU! I GET IT NOW! Lord how have I been in the dark for so long! And here I thought I was a prostitute, after all I thought the definition of prostitute was a person who offers, agrees, or engages in sexual conduct for a fee (I believe that is the Texas Penal Code definition) but apparently I was wrong. Obviously I don’t meet the criteria because:

  • I have never been a victim of violence nor under the control of a pimp. Apparently that means I’m not trafficked either but I could have told you that.
  • I have never been raped, beaten, and/or forced to sell my body to anyone – much less 10 or more people each day. Oh hell no.
  • I was not recruited by anyone and certainly not at 12, 14, or 15 years old (did this person intentionally leave out 13 or can she just not count?)

Ok knock on wood on all the above but at the age of 44 it is highly doubtful that I will allow myself to be controlled by some nut bag pimping motherfucker k? And nobody is going to force me to do anyone, not without me taking some of their DNA in my teeth thank you very much.

This person (I’m assuming a female) fails to make her point. YES THERE IS a very distinct, thick, NEON line between voluntary prostitution and trafficking which you may choose to ignore but doesn’t mean it’s not there. She made great points in what trafficking IS but but fails to recognize the women who are paid for sex that don’t meet her criteria. She just can’t see the trees because that damned forest is in the way.

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