You say, I say.

What makes one person more believable than another, more “credible”? Is it experience in a certain subject? Is it the ability to play word games in research papers in order to manipulate a persons thinking to your way of thinking? Or is it simply who can speak the loudest? Maybe it’s the number of letters behind one’s name, like PhD-ABC, MAB yada yada.

Here is some comparitive crap for your consideration between myself and Ms No-amount-of-WD40-can-quiet-this-squeaky-wheel:

Melissa Farley, Ph.D., Counseling Psychology


Brandy Devereaux, (self proclaimed) Ph.D., Practical Prostitution

Dr. Farley has practiced as a clinical physchologist for 45 years. She brings that experience to her consultations with agencies, governments, and advocates for prostituted and trafficked women. She has articulated the harms of prostitution, pornography, and trafficking as an expert witness in forensic evaluations. She has been categorized as a legal expert on the effects of sexual violence against women and children, post traumatic stress disorder, dissociation, prostitution, and trafficking.

Dr. Devereaux (ooh that has a certain ring to it don’t you think?), founder of the University of Practical Prostitution, has practiced the profession of practical prostitution for 25 years. She brings that experience to her students in order to teach the practical and common sense areas of prostitution to prevent harm  and promote safety and professionalism within the sex industry. She articulates the rights of individuals to engage in sex work voluntarily and encourages communication between all parties both within and outside of the industry in order to dispel myths associated with prostitution.

According to:

Dr. Farley – Prostitution is equal to rape.

Dr. Devereaux – Prostitution is a consensual act between adults. Rape is the unlawful compelling of a woman through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse. Explained simply by associate professor Kelly James, MSA*:

“what (person) doesn’t understand that since prostitution is legally defined as agreeing to engage in sexual conduct for money and rape (sexual assault) is legally defined as engaging in sexual conduct with someone without their consent (agreement) that prostitution can under no circumstances equal rape?”

Dr. Farley –

All prostitution causes harm to women. Whether it is being sold by one’s family to a brothel, or whether it is being sexually abused in one’s family, running away from home, and then being pimped by one’s boyfriend, or whether one is in college and needs to pay for next semester’s tuition and one works at a strip club behind glass where men never actually touch you “ all these forms of prostitution hurt the women in it. (Melissa Farley, paper presented at the 11th International Congress on Women’s Health Issues, University of California College of Nursing, San Francisco. 1-28-2000)

Dr. Devereaux –

A woman who enters into the field of prostitution willingly and for her own personal reasons is not harmed by prostitution itself. A person commits the crime of buying or selling a person under 18 years of age if the person buys, sells, barters, trades or offers to buy or sell the legal or physical custody of a person under 18 years of age. This is a felony charge and is not exclusive of prostitution. Sexual abuse is a crime. Coercion by a “pimp boyfriend” is a crime. Making the informed decision as a legal adult to work part or full time in order to offset the cost of college tuition does not harm the person making the decision. In direct contrast, this decision aids the person in not being in debt for years following the conclusion of college. Practically speaking, there is no harm and there is a failure to prove otherwise.

These are just a few examples from one person who supposedly just interviews convicted prostitutes and from another person who has actual experience within the field.

You may choose whom you want to believe or not…

As for the University of Practical Prostitution? As of this moment there is no such thing. But there should be.

In fact… what do we do when we believe that there should be something yet it doesn’t exist?

What the hell? It may be a bit tongue in cheek for some but for those that seriously have questions regarding the right way to either be a client or a prostitute there should be some type of introduction course, learning materials, etc.

Don’t ya think?









*MSA – Master of Sexual Arts

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  1. LOL! Kelly James, MSA. I do like the sound of that.
    was just skimming Ms. Farley’s website there. what a crock of shit. Maggie compared her to a sow in her “philosophical sty”. oink oink.

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