Criminalizing Sex Outside of Marriage

Came across this today:

State Nominee Wants to Criminalize Sex Outside of Marriage

Do you ever wonder if social conservatives are actually anti-sex or if it’s just a massive coincidence that their agenda on sexual politics and rights suggests it? Meet Don Haase, appointed to a judicial selection panel by Alaska governor Sean Parnell, who recently admitted that he thinks sex outside of marriage should be illegal.

During hearings, a Democratic state senator asked Haase if adultery should be a felony. Per the Alaska Daily News:

“I don’t see that that would rise to the level of a felony,” Haase said.

Paskvan: “Do you believe it should be a crime?”

Haase: “Yeah, I think it’s very harmful to have extramarital affairs. It’s harmful to children, it’s harmful to the spouse who entered a legally binding agreement to marry the person that’s cheating on them.”

Paskvan: “What about premarital affairs — should that be a crime?”

Haase: “I think that would be up to the voters certainly. If it came before (the state) as a vote, I probably would vote for it … I can see where it would be a matter for the state to be involved with because of the spread of disease and the likelihood that it would cause violence. I can see legitimate reasons to push that as a crime.”

You heard it from Haase first: Sex before marriage will lead to murderous rampages.

Careful what you wish for? I remember stating that if they wanted to criminilize prostitution because it spreads disease then they should just criminalize sex because seriously, it’s highly unlikely that you would catch an STD if you didn’t have sex (barring a blood transfusion or something of course). I didn’t mean for them to actually do it! Could you imagine if the abolitionist groups went up in arms about sex in general? Would we have a pre-marital or affair ruckus going on with bogus statistics? Wow, no more Adult Friend Finder, casual encounter ads, or anything. Next step would be making masturbation illegal.

This is when I’ll be moving to Australia to hang out with Lani or move back to Germany. Sheesh!




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3 responses to “Criminalizing Sex Outside of Marriage

  1. Actually, I’m glad this is all over the news; it’s another example of “welcome to our world”. 🙂

  2. Don’t pack in a hurry… NSW Labour party just lost the State election, and were replaced by the Liberal party… who of course are reviewing prostitution laws, and not in a good way.

    I found this this morning – …. I’ve already commented but its not looking good for us at the moment.

    • bdevereaux

      Well shit.

      “As Councillors Michael McDermott and John Chedid say, brothels are more than the selling of sex which has been around since the beginning of human civilisation they are often involved in the exploitation of women who are often illegal immigrants, the drug trade and money laundering.”

      Statements like this piss me off. Do they have proof that this is happening. I would want to see the amount of cases charged for drug use or selling actually linked to the brothel(s). I would like to see an honest interview with the people working at the brothel and ask them if they feel exploited. Has it been proved that money laundering is actually occurring? Are the women illegal immigrants who were forced there? Or would they be like me, an illegal immigrant who wants to go there because my own government wants to tell me how to live my life with my own body?

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