Letter of reality

Feel free to re-write and send out if you wish. Maybe if enough individual letters containing realistic (as supposed to just a belief) points can be sent out, someone will listen. Otherwise, maybe it’s worth a smile or to let others know in the same situation that they are not alone. All points made have happened to me at some point or another, perhaps not all at the same time but it could have:

Dear State Legislature:

Will you please decriminalize prostitution NOW?

As an introduction, I am a 40 something year old single mom. Two of my children want to start college this summer. How I am going to accomplish this when I can’t even pay my water bill is beyond me. This is not your problem. It is mine. I realize this and accept it. I want to work and take care of this myself.

So get a job you say. I would if there was a job to get. I have a degree in medical science. I am over qualified to work in fast food (I have been told this personally when applying to McDonalds who believes rightfully so that if a job magically appears after they hire me I would leave. A job that has not magically appeared in over two years is besides the point I guess.)

Even if one of the places that I applied to over the course of the past several weeks suddenly called me and told me I was hired, I still need to survive until that first pay check which could take anywhere from two to four weeks. I received a disconnection notice two days ago. I believe they are tired and fed up with me trying to extend my due date.

I suppose I could keep begging. Friends and family have had it about up to here with that though. I could borrow, but that’s highly unlikely since I have no idea when it could be paid back and I really don’t need any outrageous interest fee’s assessed. I can’t pay back what I have already borrowed as it is. Stealing is not an option. I am not at that point where I would take from someone who is not willing to give. I am not a bad person who is willing to break the law and cause the loss of life or liberty to someone else.

But dammit. If someone is willing to pay me to give them a blow job or a hand job and I am willing to accept it, I see no harm and no reason not to do it to keep my water on and my only mode of transportation from being repossessed. By the way, I do live in a town where there are no public transportation modes available. We do not have a bus system. Hell we don’t even have a taxi service. Don’t tell me I should move because well, that costs MONEY.

I should have planned  better. Yes, I know. I can blame no one but myself for the decisions I made which led me to where I am today and in this predicament. I shouldn’t have married a man who would suddenly die on me eight years into the marriage nor should I have had children with him. I should have forced my grandmother to move into a nursing home against her will or let her live alone knowing she couldn’t care for herself  instead of moving to be with her and allow her a few more years in the house she loved. I guess I could go find a rich man to marry and take care of my bills for me whether I love him or not, but as experience has shown me – he could die too. Besides, isn’t that another form of prostitution anyway?

Finally I could apply for welfare. Apply, wait for acceptance, wait for the food stamp card or a check from AFDC. This still doesn’t help with what I needed YESTERDAY but at least I know that eventually I will be joining the masses that are sucking on the governments financial tit. Sorry, I would rather be a hooker and just pay my own way without becoming a drain on society. I believe we have enough people doing that. Last I checked, the amount received from welfare would not cover my living expenses anyway.

I am not unique in my situation. There are others. Others who are not addicted to some illicit drug, others who would like to put some money in savings, others with children to feed and bills to pay. I have seen and read and heard about the controversies and the “what may happen” if prostitution is decriminalized. I believe we do have laws already that do not allow minors being involved and that would punish those that would force women for their own benefit. By all means, keep those laws on the books. However, as an adult woman capable of making an informed choice and not forcing anybody to do anything against their will, those laws seriously have no place in the state statutes.

While I am here, might I suggest the placement of a brothel type situation? Preferably within driving distance to my home (as opposed to any suggestion of going to Nevada which is impossible being that I have responsibilities here). I do NOT want to work out of my personal residence, I do NOT want to work on a street corner and be a public nuisance, I do NOT want to work by myself. I hear there are some dangerous people out there and being forced to work alone is just stupid. I would much rather be around other people for security purposes who know and understand what I am doing and for support. It does not need to be located near a church, school, or residence. Somewhere out in the country is just fine or even an industrial area where there is little if any chance of children walking by or any reason for adults who could be easily offended by what they “imagine” is going on to see the outside of the building.

Let me state for the record again that I do not believe that minors and young teens should in any way be involved, nor should women who are being forced to do this for the financial benefit of a third person. I do solemnly swear that I will report these incidences to the appropriate authorities. If prostitution is not decriminalized and I end up being a bad person for not wanting my water disconnected, I can not turn to the police to report these situations for fear of being thrown in jail myself and losing what little I’ve managed to keep. In my opinion we could effectively kill two birds with one stone so to speak: 1. We could (together) stop the trafficking and sexual slavery of women and minors and 2. Hey, more customers for me (I don’t feel this way truly but if it is what you would rather believe then so be it).

In conclusion, I would like for decriminalization of prostitution to occur so that I may continue to be a law abiding citizen making my own way and paying my own bills without harming others. I do not have an STD, if you don’t believe me go ahead and test me. If for some bizarre reason the test is positive please allow me to give body rubs with happy endings. All medical studies and research point to the fact that it is near impossible and unheard of for an STD to be transmitted via hand to penis. If, as I believe, my test results come back negative, of course I will use any protection necessary including condoms and visual inspection to ensure that I remain disease free. I do want to be around to see my grandchildren one day and will not compromise on this I don’t care how much money is offered for unprotected sex. Of course I’m going to pay my taxes also. This state does not have a state income tax but I will need to file taxes to the federal government. I would like to be able to not lie on a federal form and list prostitute as my occupation. I am not stupid. If I ever want to purchase a new home or new vehicle or further myself in any way I know I will need to show proof of income. As a prostitute, the only way I can do this is by filing a federal tax return.



TO MY FRIENDS: This is not an indication of my current situation but a letter addressing some of my reasons for entering and staying in this lifestyle compiled over the years. It’s just written into one letter in order to highlight the reasons that some women have for entering into prostitution of their own free will without being ‘forced’ by someone else or addicted to drugs. Thanks 🙂

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