Comparison Studies: Accountants and Cars

In high school and especially in college, the easiest way for me to understand a concept that I couldn’t quite grasp was to visualize and compare to something I was familiar with. Something I could relate to. For instance white blood cells. Ok I grasped what they were, how they work, and why they are there. I understood better when I pictured and compared them to an army. They are housed in the bone marrow like soldiers in bunkers and when a foreign army tries to penetrate your body’s defenses out they come like good little soldiers and go attack the enemy (thus the increase in white blood cells are an indicator of disease or infection). OH ok I get it. Yes, yes much more to it than that but this post is not a lesson in leukocytes.

So lesson 1: Prostitution is a dangerous job. No it’s not. Our working conditions are dangerous. Being a soldier in Iraq is a dangerous job, being a firefighter is a dangerous job, being an accountant would be a dangerous job IF they were forced to work in the same conditions that prostitutes are. Think about it and picture this. If CPA’s were forced to work on the streets as opposed to an office building, if CPA’s had to hide every time a cop car rolled by, if CPA’s had to see their clients alone. Their clients are strangers to them, they don’t know if they are drug addicts or axe murderers either. Oh wait, those kind of people don’t hire accountants. Wanna bet? I can totally see Dennis Rader, a man who graduated with a degree in Administration of Justice, led a Cub Scouts group and was active in his church needing to hire the services of an accountant. Or how about Ted Bundy who worked for the Washington State Republican Party? Imagine one of these guys hiring the services of an accountant. And what if accountants had to work in secret out of motel rooms or back seats of cars? What if they were lucky enough to escape the clutches of Mr. Rader or Mr. Bundy? They couldn’t go to the police if accounting were illegal. Don’t you think Mr. Rader and Mr. Bundy KNOW that?  Accountants would be considered easy targets for those nut jobs.


So lesson 2: Having sex is not a ‘right’. Neither is having a car. So let’s one day decide that since having transportation is not a right (but a privilege for those that can afford it.. ahem) and that there are so many dangers inherent in driving a vehicle because there are a few people who can’t operate a motor vehicle responsibly, let’s just take all the cars away. For those that are new to this blog and haven’t felt like reading my earlier posts – I delved into this subject here.

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