Ping ping stats kinect

In other words a miscellaneous post.

I think it is so cool (and a bit nerve wracking) when I get an alert that someone has pinged me. Meaning somewhere out there in the blogosphere, one of my posts has been shared with their public.  I am pleasantly surprised when Maggie does this, it’s like “Oh COOL! She likes something I said enough to reference it at her blog.” It’s never a concern of mine because Maggie and I are generally on the same page on the things we write about. Now when I get a pingback from some place I never heard of before it’s like “Oh shit, someone used something from one of my posts and it may be someone disagreeing with me and calling me some stupid ho.” In which case I’d cry – yes hookers have feelings. But I would deal with it, knowing that they have as much right to their opinion as I do to mine and that’s what blogs are for – expressing opinions or news no matter if they agree or disagree with your own personal feelers.

I am particularly concerned about this when I go off on a subject, for example my Pussy Control post. I certainly wasn’t the most subtle or PC person when writing that. People would either love it or hate it. So I got a “ping/trackback”  on it and I followed it. Whew. It wasn’t bad. You can see it here.

I also want to thank Mags for her post here. I broke 100 views! I’m so excited, humbly so compared to her 100,000 views.

AND I got an X-Box Kinect with the game “Dance Central”. Cheaper investment than a gym membership and Oh so much more fun! Working on nobody mistaking me for a beached whale when trying to get a tan on the beach this summer.

AND a random image for no other purpose than it just made me giggle.


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  1. You’re welcome, love; it was well-deserved. 😉

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