You don’t HAVE to pay…

*If there was a song about dick control, I’d insert it here*

Listen up you guys. Don’t let bitches or haters get you down because you paid or are thinking about hiring a hooker. I see this crap all the time and it pisses me off. Did everyone forget what having free will means?

This post isn’t about or concerning the common idea that “we all have to pay for it in one way or another”. Yes, yes, we know. For the purposes of this post lets just keep it to the business transaction that prostitution is.

We’ve all heard the naysayers and their “OMG guys who HAVE to pay for it are losers” or “OMG you shouldn’t HAVE to pay for it” and from the guys themselves “I’ve never HAD to pay for sex” or “I would NEVER pay for sex” or from both sides “Only ugly men pay for sex” or “Only perverts pay for sex” or “Only desperate men pay for sex”.

Ok, let’s get this straight here. NOBODY HAS to pay for sex. Sex is a strong natural instinct but is not intrinsic to YOUR personal survival. You will not DIE if you don’t have sex in three days (like you would if you don’t have water). You may get frustrated, you may get bitchy and cranky, but you won’t stop breathing (unless someone gets tired of your grumpy ass and smacks you over the head).

So with that being said, men (and women) CHOOSE to have sex (not counting rape, don’t go there – that’s not what this post is about). How a person chooses to have sex is really the issue here. You can choose to sit at home and satisfy your sexual instinct with your hand or with BOB (battery operated boyfriend), you can choose to play the ‘game’ by trying to pick up something ‘free’ at a bar, or you can be a bit practical and CHOOSE to pay for it. There is no need to psychoanalyze this. It’s like choosing to cook at home with whats in fridge, or going to the store to find ingredients for dinner, or you can choose to go to a restaurant and let somebody cater to you. It does not make you desperate or make you a loser because you decide not to cook once in awhile.

There are as many reasons as to actually WHY men may choose to pay and much research has already been done on this. Suffice it to say that there are as many personal reasons as there are individuals. There will always be men who CHOOSE to buy it and there will always be women who CHOOSE to sell it.

True Story:

Once, I was sitting in a hotel bar waiting for a client (asshole never showed up but did call later to apologize saying his meeting ran late). I was sipping on my diet Coke (I’m a lite weight, if I had started drinking alcohol and if the client showed and wanted to drink too, my ass would have been tipsy when we started the appointment and I do not go into these transactions impaired). This dude approaches ME and starts chit chatting. Since I’m expecting someone I didn’t flirt or indicate I was interested in him in the least and I let him know I was waiting for someone. Well he wants to keep me company till my date shows. Fine. Whatever. He has no clue I’m a hooker, just a gal at a bar waiting for someone who for all he knows was my boyfriend. Time passes and I’m getting a bit frustrated feeling that I’ve been stood up. Ol chit chat boy obviously figures this out too and starts hitting on me, saying he has a room at the hotel if I want to go up with him blah blah blah. At this point I just want to go home and go to bed being that I’m normally not a night person anyway. I tell him no thanks, we talk about whatever is on the news, and eventually he asks “So… what kind of work do you do?”

Me: I’m an escort.

Him: Seriously??

Me: Yep

Him: Well… uh… um… I’m not paying for it!

Me: Course you’re not. I’m not going with you to your room.

Him: Well why not?

Me: *Sigh* Because you’re not paying for it.

Him: Well I don’t have to pay for it.

Me: *Heavier sigh* (He is a little inebriated) Well I don’t have to give it to you either.

Annnnnnd, I’m outta there before he brings attention to us from the bartender or security. Now granted, this guy was cute and he probably has some success stories of picking up women under his belt. But uh.. no.


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3 responses to “You don’t HAVE to pay…

  1. Whenever guys tried to pick me up, my immediate thought was “that and $300 will get you an hour”. 🙂

  2. Enano

    Pay for sex!?! WTF! I thought I was paying for time/companionship and the ladies just thought I was hot.


  3. Guilty Pleasure

    LMAO, now that is funny! I have met men good looking and successful who don’t think twice about paying for an escort as they have no time for the “song and dance” that goes into getting a woman into bed with them. I see nothing wrong with this. They are not losers, nor do they have low self esteem,they are just pragmatic about their situation, their time, and what they want. The men who “scoff” at other men for paying an escort are generally the ones who have the “media stereotype” prostitute in their head. By all accounts they are oblivious to the real truth about escorting and the men and women who enjoy the company of those they hire!

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