Excuse me dear friends if my jumbles are a bit thoughts… I mean my thoughts are a bit jumbled. I have ALOT on my mind this morning. I really need to stop doing this, I do it to myself and it can either be seen as a character strength or a character flaw. I suppose it would be easier on me if I was like any other of the billion of Americans that watch the world from the inside out without stepping in to get their hands dirty. I could just sit on my couch and watch CNN and and be shocked and angry while waiting for the next episode of Dancing With The Stars (ick, actually I don’t watch that show).

But I don’t do that. I’m a selfish little bitch I guess you could say. I want to DO something. I want to make a DIFFERENCE. I see problems and I want to FIX them and it’s frustrating as hell cheering from the fucking sidelines and not seeing anything happen. So I have projects, I get ideas, so many that my proverbial plate is overflowing. But you know what? It’s my time and my energy that goes into this and I don’t think it really affects anyone negatively but myself. Buy hey, if one of my ideas/projects comes to fruition and it helps some people in some way THEN I can happily know that I DID make a difference to someone without trampling over anyone elses civil rights. The projects/ideas I have on this level does not constitute the changing of any laws or even the asking of anyones permission. These are projects I can put into place NOW to help those who want it and if you don’t, well no harm no foul.

So this Long Island serial killer case is pissing me off in more ways than one. Naturally I’m pissed that some fucker is running around amok (amok, amok, amok!) getting away with his shit. It pisses me off that a ‘budding’ serial killer is watching this and may think that he too could get away with this crap if he targets hookers. I mean come on. 10 and counting murders over years and they are just now starting to try and figure this guy out. It pisses me off that some bitches and bastards, though they aren’t saying it out loud, are not seeing this as it should be but are minimally excusing his behavior because come on.. it’s just hookers. And since hookers shouldn’t work as hookers because it is such a dangerous job.. well what do you expect? They believe they are safe because they don’t advertise for sex on Craigslist so therefore a serial killer is not after them and they expect they can just live their lives as normal every day business. TEN daughters have been MURDERED assholes. FOUR are ‘prostitutes’. We don’t know what the other six are. We can assume that they were also hookers but you know what they say about assuming. Besides which, IT DOESN’T MATTER. They were all somebody’s child you dicks! I’m sure their mom’s did not see prostitution as a viable occupation nor I’m sure did they approve of their child’s choice of work. How many of us can say that we do everything our mothers have told us to do or how many of us have followed our mothers footsteps and done everything we could on the basis of our parents approval? If this was the case, we would all be doctors, rocket scientists, and presidents. This is why I want the criminalization of this occupation STOPPED. It’s not that I would see it as a viable choice for making a living but shit happens and sometimes it’s the only choice you got. My daughter may go against all my recommendations and advice and find herself in a situation that I would not approve of and if she does I don’t want this happening to her. I want her to be able to communicate for safety, work indoors, and be able to go to the police without fear of arrest to be able to report the whack jobs she may encounter.




So what the hell is that you ask? It’s a damn start. If you have no one to call, call this. Anyone with a Google account can set up a free Google voice account so that is what I did. Write down the number, memorize the number, keep this number with you. Call this number prior to going on a date/appointment/whatever. It won’t ring, it will go straight to a voice mail where you can leave as much as or as little information that you want. Nobody is going to answer the phone and preach to you, belittle you, encourage you, or anything else. It’s just a place to leave a message so that SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE knows whats going on. Call the number and leave a message while you’re client is there so that THEY know someone has your back should something happen to you.

This is a far cry from what I actually would like to see but hell it’s a beginning and I know at least I have tried to do something to help. Even if it never gets used, at least I fucking tried. What have you done lately? If someone like Shannon Gilbert (the lady who is missing in Long Island whose search is what led to the discovery of the ten remains) had used something  like this then perhaps the cops could have found her by now or be one step closer to finding the SOB that harmed her. You can’t call 911 when you’re dead but at least call this number prior to getting into a situation that is unknown or unfamiliar.

What happens. You call the number. Voice mail picks up. Leave a message as detailed as you want. A handful of others like myself have access to this account (in case something happens to me) and can monitor it in my absence. I do not have the money, time, or manpower YET to be able to return calls and do follow ups to check and see if you are ok. I will keep a log of ALL CALLS (even the heavy breathers/hey baby what are you wearing calls). I know there are going to be some fuckers out there that are going to think it’s just a riot to crank call a hooker hotline… peckerheads…

It’s a start. I still eventually would like to grown into a National Date Hotline. A 1-800 number that ANYBODY can call. Even women who aren’t hookers but use services like Match.com. I’d like to have phone operators 24/7/365 and be able to return calls after a date is supposed to have concluded to check on the welfare of the person. I would want this to be a totally FREE service though and I don’t know the costs, legal issues, privacy issues, equipment and all that crap to make a national hotline with phone operators so until then…

What do you think?


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11 responses to “4406BESAFE

  1. What I think is that if Kristin Davis really wanted to help low-income prostitutes as she claims, she could establish a national hotline like this. But that wouldn’t appeal to trafficking hysteria and thereby further her political aspirations, so she won’t. 😦

    • bdevereaux

      So glad I’m not trying to appeal to any hysteria. Just trying to be me with my practicality LOL. Buy yea, she has the money and the resources to do something useful and be damned with any political aspirations! Though I want some credit now dammit 🙂

  2. hell, I might start using it 🙂

    • bdevereaux

      It’s not going to hurt anything if you do use it Kelly and if something happens to you it might help or at the very least lead to catching the sonofabitch that tries to hurt you. Just another precautionary step in our way of life.

      Shit, you can always call it just to say HEY BRANDY! LOVE YOU LOL!

      I changed around s-watch.org. You can actually connect to the ‘hotline’ from there and choose to keep the number you are calling from private. Haven’t played with that part too much or really set up the site for anything. If you want you can go over there, click the call now icon, and test it if you want to keep your number private.

      • what would be the point? you have my number already silly girl 🙂

        I’m one of those “do as I say not as I do” kind of people in that I don’t usually take most of the safety measures that I STRONGLY ADVISE ALL LADIES TO TAKE! did y’all hear me?

        now, I’m not as stupid and reckless as I just made myself sound either…I simply trust my instincts to a tee and never ignore that little voice that tells me when something is wrong. It takes years to develop that kind of intuition which is why I say DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO!!!!

        however, it certainly couldn’t hurt. I am not necessarily as tough as I think I am….well that might not be true…..regardless let’s just say that I definitely do not have nine lives nor am I in any way immune to the potential for violence which plagues each and every sex worker whether they know it or not.

      • bdevereaux

        I can’t throw stones, I’ve done the same. Though something like this can make me feel better going into unknown situations even if everything turns out ok. May not be necessary with regular clients, thought I’ve had a few regulars that have off days of their own and have made me slightly nervous. Use it with new clients only or new clients that have questionable references or just if you feel off after your in a room. Like I said call just to let them know you are calling someone.

        Even I plan on using it and just knowing it’s there for me if I decide to use it or not is a little bit empowering if you know what I mean. Em will have access to it as will another person. Em already has access to my ‘work’ email as you know, just in case…

  3. LOL Maggie, now now, we’re going to give nice Kristin the opportunity to redeem herself… http://sincerelykellyjames.wordpress.com/2011/04/14/changing-minds/
    ….and if that doesn’t work, well..then we’ll eat her for lunch 🙂

  4. Brandy is brilliant. I have said for a couple years now that Brandy has what it takes to change the way the hobby works.

    That’s my girl!

  5. Guilty Pleasure

    This is an awesome idea Brandy! I am plugging it in into my phone as we speak. Wonder if there is a way to put this on places like other escort boards, or Backpage or Craigslist to make more women aware and utilize the number?

    I agree with you, they have said some of the bodies have been dead for close to 2 years, and I am wondering what the hell were the police doing this whole time? I know they had missing persons reports on the these people. What sickens me is that Norma Jean Almodovar said a long time ago when she was a police officer that the police often use the term NIH (non human involvement) to indicate some one of low social status was involved or victim of a crime. These files get put on the back burner with this designation, or are low priority cases. It should not be that way.

    Anyway, I truly appreciate you and your wonderful ideas and your determination girl!

    • bdevereaux

      Thanks GP! The plan is to get s-watch.org filled out with information about the pre-date line (I guess thats what I’ll call it) so that when I submit to BP and CL, people will have a site to go to to find more info about it. But yea, the plan is BP, CL, Adult Friend Finder, ECCIE, eRaps, ourHome2, and any other place I can think of…. Facebook, myspace….

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