Too little too late…

How many times does a dog have to be hit on the nose before it no longer trusts the hand that feeds it? Not very long. Yet hookers have been beat down, their rights ignored, shamed, stigmatized, etc for YEARS and NOW you want our help? Fuck you.

Reluctant to Turn to Authorities, Sex Workers Attempt to Safeguard Against Crime

A spokesman for the Nassau County police department said sex workers with information or those seeking to report a crime will not be arrested. “They will only be arrested if they have been caught offering to have sex with a member of law enforcement or soliciting sex for money,” the spokesman said.

Oh sure.. you won’t be arrested RIGHT THEN. But guess what? You will become a KNOWN prostitute. And when the city coffers are at their lowest, you become a low hanging fruit, ripe for a sting and fines.

“I didn’t feel like the police would be my friend,” said (Stacey) Swimme, who said she was threatened by a stalker but never called police. “I didn’t feel like I’d be taken seriously, and I was seriously afraid that if I went to the police and told them information about me that would lead to them finding my website and setting up a sting operation against me.”

Eugene O’Donnell, a professor of Law and Police studies at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, said police have a responsibility to make sex workers feel safe(I don’t think cops know that or believe it) but also said it’s unlikely police would pursue prostitution charges against individuals coming forward with information about a crime such as the slayings in Long Island.

So do you really think prostitutes believe that? Or are willing to take the chance? He says ‘unlikely’ so in other words there is no guarantee.  We don’t trust you. Period. It makes much more sense to us to police ourselves, to rely on each other and not the police. For decades we have had to hide and work in secret and now all of a sudden you are asking us to come forward? I don’t care that it is due to a murder investigation. YOU do your job, we do ours, and never the two shall meet.

Yes. This is a bad attitude but one we have had to adopt. I would love to help the investigation and stop the son of a bitch if I had any information to give but I also have to look out for number one. I can’t afford an arrest record which will prohibit me from finding suitable employment in the future. I’m not going to risk having my children stolen from me by the state by letting authorities know I’m a hooker. “Well maybe you shouldn’t be a hooker then”. Yea well maybe you should feed my kids and take care of my bills when I can’t find a job that pays enough.

Now there is also this:

There is also an anonymous tip line — 1-800-244-8477 — where those who call in will have their privacy protected, the spokesman said.

If you are anything like me, I still don’t trust government set up “anonymous” lines. Are they truly anonymous? Are they going to try and trace the call? Yes, I know, I watch to many crime dramas.  However, if somebody knows something I’ll at least encourage you to call it. If you are paranoid, call my line 4406BESAFE. If you have read enough of my crap you should realize I’m on the side of the hookers. But if someone calls me, I will relay the message to their tipline with the intent of truly keeping YOU anonymous.

Read this here and DO something. Although I’m still not sure it is the answer because once again, you will be coming onto their radar even if amnesty is temporarily granted during this case.


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9 responses to “Too little too late…

  1. Temporary amnesty is like gun registration; all the names and addresses are recorded so that when they decide to violate people’s civil rights the cops have a convenient list. It’s the same with all the patsies who have their kids fingerprinted to “protect” them from “abduction” (which is fabulously rare: You don’t think the cops throw those fingerprints away when the kid turns 18, do you? Nope, they keep them so they can pin crimes on them later. No sane person should EVER give ANY kind of information to the police unless advised to do so by his lawyer, and even then not one bit more than absolutely required. he police are not your friends, EVER.

  2. Guilty Pleasure

    The police have done a fabulous job of causing distrust not only with the women and men in the sex industry over the years, but also with the general public period. I know there are some good cops out there but for the most part I have seen a lot of abuse of their power among just regular civilians. All you have to do is google or type in youtube something like “cops batter / beat”, and you will come up with hundreds of civilian video tape (in some cases their own video tape) of out right abuse and neglect of the people they are suppose to be protecting or showing professional restraint with. I personally have run in to some very corrupt cops here in the Houston area alone and because of my experiences feel very wary of most of them now. Maggie you are right, the mothers who get their kids fingerprinted that does stay in a data base. Now how long I am not sure of that, and would think as children grow their fingerprints may change over time. But I am like you, once this stuff is in the government system it is there forever. The sad fact is many police officers really believe that sex workers are walking scum. They see things through rose colored glasses, in most cases due to what they have seen on the force.

  3. Brandy – you’re in my head. It occured to me that sex workers who have information concerning the murders but don’t want to contact the police ought to be able to contact an outside representative instead and then the representative relays whatever info to police. Sort of like a hooker to cop diplomat. I don’t know if there might be any legal issues involved but regardless the idea is worth serious consideration.

    • bdevereaux

      I hate to say be damned with the legal issues (the only one I can think of is something stupid like “harboring a prostitute” or “enabling” or some such shit). But I am willing to argue the benefits of such a representative entity versus any crime by association. I remember when researching The Chicken Ranch how the girls would tell Miss Mona of the violent types of clients, the ones who confessed to other crimes, and any other nefarious persons and Miss Mona would then relay that information to the Sheriff. Consequently of course, those guys got caught. Ah but it was a much simpler time back then. Nowadays the legal system is just a huge maze of issues in itself.

  4. Guilty Pleasure

    Actually Kelly, an attorney could be the mediator for women who wish to remain anonymous and give any information to the police. The problem is if a sex worker goes to the police with information, they get your real name and information, and yes, they will keep that in their database/records for later use. Not to mention if the killer is caught, what ever information a lady might have, she could be required to testify in court. That could have serious repercussions for the lady later on.

    • bdevereaux

      Should we try and compile a list of attorneys who would be willing to act as mediators in this type of instance. I, for one, do not have an attorney and I think it would be helpful if we could list some that people could contact for this.

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