Condoms a First Degree Felony??

Sorry for all the posts today, doing some catching up reading here.

Came across this story which states:

Samantha Edwards … was arraigned last week in Portage County Municipal Court in Kent on one count each of prostitution and solicitation, both third-degree misdemeanors, and three counts of possession of criminal tools, all first-degree felonies. 

Edwards was arrested and a Nokia cell phone, Sanyo digital camera and 50 to 60 Trojan condoms were seized as tools related to her alleged activities.

So now a person SUSPECTED of prostitution who has a cell phone, camera, and condoms can be charged with a FELONY?

WTF is wrong with this picture??


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5 responses to “Condoms a First Degree Felony??

  1. Well, if winking and the absence of underwear can be “evidence of prostitution” (, why not a cell phone and a camera? This is the EXACT reason why feminists should be up in arms about prostitution laws; ANY WOMAN can be arrested with NO EVIDENCE AT ALL and accused of prostitution.

    BTB, notice the attempt at slut-shaming in the story? “Five men, or ‘johns,’ allegedly arrived while police were investigating.” Oh, please. How long did they “investigate” for, 16 hours? The cops are just trying to make her look disgusting to the gullible reader.

    Thanks for the Kit-Kats, doll! 😉

    • bdevereaux

      It’s charging this woman with a FELONY because she has a cell phone. I can see kinda sorta (police tactics and all) of using these as pieces of evidence towards a prostitution conviction which is still a misdemeanor. But separating the articles and then charging the woman with a FELONY because they are ‘tools’ of a crime? That’s taking it a bit far IMHO.

  2. what a fucking dumbass publication is It was a typo. Possession of criminal tools in Ohio is a first degree misdemeanor, not a first degree felony.

    they had me going for a minute too…it took me about an hour looking into it to catch the error. those fucking dipshits…don’t they have editors? jeez…

    2923.24 Possessing criminal tools.
    (A) No person shall possess or have under the person’s control any substance, device, instrument, or article, with purpose to use it criminally.

    (B) Each of the following constitutes prima-facie evidence of criminal purpose:

    (1) Possession or control of any dangerous ordnance, or the materials or parts for making dangerous ordnance, in the absence of circumstances indicating the dangerous ordnance, materials, or parts are intended for legitimate use;

    (2) Possession or control of any substance, device, instrument, or article designed or specially adapted for criminal use;

    (3) Possession or control of any substance, device, instrument, or article commonly used for criminal purposes, under circumstances indicating the item is intended for criminal use.

    (C) Whoever violates this section is guilty of possessing criminal tools. Except as otherwise provided in this division, possessing criminal tools is a misdemeanor of the first degree. If the circumstances indicate that the substance, device, instrument, or article involved in the offense was intended for use in the commission of a felony, possessing criminal tools is a felony of the fifth degree.

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