Legalize Prostitution in America (via Revolutionary Paideia)

Legalize Prostitution in America Just how free are we really in America? Of course, there are valid reasons that make it essential to place limitations on freedom to avoid pervasive chaos. However, is forbidding prostitution a truly necessary limitation on our liberty that we need, or is prohibiting prostitution more about moral and religious values of the majority of Americans being imposed on everyone? Now, I’m sure that there will be many people who are not willing to even en … Read More

via Revolutionary Paideia


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3 responses to “Legalize Prostitution in America (via Revolutionary Paideia)

  1. Thank you so much for sharing my article on your site. I hope that your readers will enjoy it. I very much appreciate your comments on my site.

  2. Good post to share with people! Antonio is one of my favorite writers.

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