The power of conviction

I had a most interesting morning yesterday. I went to a tent revival. Not because it was on my list of things I want to experience in my lifetime but because my son (who is a member of the church) asked me to go. I love him. Of course I said yes.

*Background note: I am Pagan, not Christian. As a Pagan I believe in Pantheism as opposed to Monotheism.

Although I don’t share the beliefs presented by the pastor and guest speakers who where at this event, I could not deny the power that this gathering had. There was a lot of correlation to the Pagan gatherings I have attended. It made me miss those days and seriously consider finding a Pagan group in my area.

As an outsider looking in, I observed the power of conviction and shared thought. We had a faith healer present, people spoke in tongues, men and women were passing out right and left and crying and laughing. I was moved honestly. Not because I felt the presence of “God” nor did I feel like the “Holy Spirit” was moving through me. I was in awe of the power and the spiritual energy that flowed from each individual. It was like each person was a light bulb and with so many light bulbs a person could not help but feel the heat and be blinded by the light (*ooh I feel a song coming on*).

Some would say THAT was God’s power that caused that. Ok, I’ve been to large Pagan rituals (usually during summer or winter solstice) where I have experienced the same thing in spirit. I haven’t been to rituals where there were faith healers per se that spontaneously made tumors disappear or healed broken bones (like yesterdays supposedly). There are Pagans, like myself, that are healers by nature – not by faith and we don’t heal bones that have been broken nor eradicate tumors, but I have seen peoples spirits be renewed and I have seen joy appear where once there was sadness. This in itself is healing and if your spirit or soul is good, your body can better fight the enemy within. Ok, before I start preaching here.

My point is I don’t care. Though the beliefs may be different I still witnessed that the people around me were happy, were joyful, were content. They were not advocating to seek out and destroy those that did not share their beliefs. Nobody was forced to come and believe the word of God and they welcomed those that didn’t anyway who voluntarily came to listen.

Now if only the anti-prostitution groups did things similar. Preach to those who want to listen. Advocate what you believe without trying to impose on the thoughts of others or cram it down their throats. Help those that want to be helped. Save those that want to be saved. Welcome those who don’t believe in the same without judgement or fear. Know that those who don’t believe in your word are not automatically “Satanists” but accept that their beliefs and experiences are different.


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2 responses to “The power of conviction

  1. Alex


    This is not exactly local, but there are some very nice people who started an organization called Earth Spirit Alliance. It’s a pagan group, and they organize large festivals outside of Austin for Beltane and Sowan, and do smaller events monthly. It’s worth the drive to check out, they are friendly folk. They even have a sex temple at the festival grounds. if you’re interested

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