Idiots and Amnesty

We will start with the idiots (Part One):

Ok you all know about Amsterdam and it’s Red Light District and the window brothels correct? Now you should also realize that ANY place where prostitution is legal there is gonna be a momma crying “OMG those poor girls MUST be trafficked!!” Cuz we all know that pimps want to obey the law… right… and that there is more money to be gained outside of the black market…. right….and pimps want their girls to be exposed and taxed and regulated….right… and since no woman would voluntarily expose her goods in a window and no woman would want to prostitute legally anyway, it all has to be traffickers forcing them to do this…. right. Where do I sign up to be trafficked so that I can legally conduct my business?

Anywho, here is a story from the Dutch on April 8th. The original story was in Dutch so I’m going to give you the gist of it via Google Translator:

Massive action Dutch police in Red Light District

…a major law enforcement action tonight against international trafficking. About 350 officers and fifty officers combing the 164 prostitution windows…

Aka, a whole hellofalota cops conducted a major sweep of the window brothels.

About 150 prostitutes were taken to city hall and questioned there, says a reporter

It goes on a little bit with the typical force, pimping, drugs, trafficking, etc etc. THEN there was a follow up story on April 17th which was found here:

In the mega-operation against trafficking in The Hague declared 157 of them prostitutes no victim. Police and rescue disagree.

“All 157 prostitutes by the police during the evening and night has spoken, stated that they not victims of trafficking and that they work voluntarily.”

Well BYGOD we can’t believe hookers! That would force them to admit that they just wasted a whole hellofalota taxpayer money! Besides, we all KNOW that they are lying to protect their pimp.. hmhmmm… yea thats it.

The police, however, leaves a press release that ‘the names of a number of women were already known to the police because they are current and completed research emerged as a victim of trafficking in the Netherlands and abroad. ” When asked if it sometimes happens that prostitutes voluntarily adjust their opinion, Marten replied: “What is not, can come. But we can only do that if those women voluntarily indicated that they indeed are victims of trafficking. Only then can they use the B-9 regulation. “

I think what they mean is some of the women they busted were known to be actual victims of trafficking. Which makes no sense to me because if they are ‘known’ victims doesn’t that indicate that the system has failed them previously? It may just be lost in the translation here but sounds off to me. In regards to the ‘adjust their opinion’ I opine that they mean ‘change their story’ from being their voluntarily to being trafficked. The last sentence I take to mean is that they will receive help only if they admit that they are trafficked. From what I understand about the B-9 regulation they refer to:

Chapter B9 of the Aliens Act, which describes the procedure that is designed for victims and witnesses of trafficking. At the slightest indication that there is trafficking the police indicate that the alien he or she may do or report otherwise cooperate to support a criminal investigation.

Suspected victims of trafficking will then have a period of up to 3 months in which they all rest a decision to take the steps they want to convert. If a victim decides to cooperate, he or she receives a temporary residence permit until the criminal investigation. Who receives a temporary residence permit or permanent return when cooperation actually leads to criminal prosecution or criminal investigation for more than 3 years duration.

Oh! I can stay in the country and work legally if I admit I’m a foreigner trafficked in. Versus being deported back to my crappy country where I have to hide without any police protection. Hmmm. Where do I sign up to be trafficked again?

On to the Amnesty thing closer to home (Part Two):

As I discussed somewhere previously… aha here … I have concerns in regards to asking for temporary amnesty so that sex workers can “feel” free to report information that may lead to the Long Island serial killer dipshit. A few issues/questions/concerns besides those I’ve mentioned before:

  1. How temporary would the amnesty be? Until the killer is caught? What if he is never caught? Two months perhaps? The little fucker will lay low until the temporary amnesty is over and just restart his twisted spree.
  2. So if amnesty is granted, can I move to Long Island to work?
  3. If amnesty is granted (*there is a Meatloaf song starting to repeat itself in my head*), don’t you think Mr. I-like-to-kill-prostitutes will just go across state/jurisdiction lines?
  4. If that happens (obviously the dude isn’t stupid so I can totally see that happening) are you going to grant amnesty in the surrounding states too?
Hell let’s just grant long term amnesty across the nation! Oh wait, wouldn’t that be decriminalization basically? Gee, we can’t do that! It sends the wrong message!
*Knock on the door* Oh look… Bad Brandy!
You know what? Fuck you and your ‘wrong message’. You know what message I’m seeing right now? We could give a shit about whores. You aren’t people, you aren’t women, you’re not mothers or children! You’re fucking whores! WE WANT you to be in dangerous situations and STAY there. This way we can convince our children how BAD prostitution is by saying SEE it is DANGEROUS! If you want a safe job, join the ARMY and get blown up but GOOD GOD don’t be a whore! We don’t want whores to feel safe.
OH NO you say? We DO care about vulnerable women you say? BULLSHIT I cry! While you are sitting on your ass debating your fucking ‘message’ or fiddle farting around with the concept of ‘condoning’ prostitution, women are FUCKING dying out there! Women are going missing out there! To HELL with your moral image and you’re moral fucking outrage. Get REAL. We can save peoples lives NOW. How many more WOMEN have to fucking DIE before you can see that it doesn’t matter what their occupation is and whether you agree or disagree with it or not or how you can let people know you DO give a shit but at the same time save your political or legal ASS by not sending the American Public the wrong idea. You are so full of shit you’re ears are starting to smell.
And YOU, Mr and Mrs John Nosy-Ass Public with your 2.5 kids white picket fence life. Guess what? You’re kids aren’t always going to choose the best path no matter how hard you try and steer them in the right direction. If your daughter decides to become a whore she is gonna do it whether you like it or not and whether it is legal or not. The best thing you can do right now is be a good PARENT and quit depending on the government to enforce laws on every person because YOU are afraid your child won’t make the right decisions according to YOU. So lets keep it illegal so that your child doesn’t see it as an option…. but apparently being a porn star is ok because hey.. it’s legal right. Yea, it’s all well and good till you’re neighbor comes over and says “Hey I saw little Jane in that new Deep Throat IV movie *wink wink*”. GEE maybe you should have been a parent instead of worrying about what the law is gonna do huh?
So what ya gonna do? Little Jane, your child, may end up being a hooker because after a certain point she is grabbing that steering wheel and going off on her own. You going to just write her out of your life? Will she no longer be your daughter… now she is just another whore? If you answer yes, go get your ass sterilized NOW. Would you want your hooker/daughter to be able to go to the police if she got in trouble? Would you want other people to shun her and gaze upon her with disgust? Or would you disown her and think that she deserves whatever she gets because she disobeyed your parenting guidelines? You people fucking DISGUST me if that’s is how you are going to feel about your child. You should always love her no matter what. Sure there will be times when you don’t like her, don’t like what she does.. bottom line though she is still going to be your baby and you should hope that society cares enough to want to help and protect her when you can’t. Decriminalize prostitution so that she can go to the cops if she is mugged, so that she doesn’t have to live in fear of being arrested and having the rest of her life ruined because she would no longer be able to get a job. Teach her about condom use and how to stay safe. For God’s sake, BE A PARENT!


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4 responses to “Idiots and Amnesty

  1. ***applause***

    P.S. – I have every single original Meat Loaf album. 🙂

    • bdevereaux

      ZOMG ME TOO! Drives Em nuts sometimes LOL. So you know the “Amnesty is Granted” song, it’s still running circles in my brain. Forgot to mention in the article above about THAT’s one reason I want it to be decriminalized, is FOR the sake of my kids. No father and if something happens to me? Well you just never know….

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