What to do?

Once again, the police are asking for information from prostitutes to help them do their job.

Police Say Man Kidnapped, Tortured, Raped Woman In Dungeon

More ‘bondage room’ victims suspected

On Wednesday, Seattle police appealed for other potential victims to come forward. Sgt. Sean Whitcomb said detectives “believe there are more” victims, but think people may be reluctant to contact police because of possible drug use and involvement in prostitution.

It is a damned scary world that women who are trying to survive in live in. How do you know where to turn? When are they going to realize that decades of suppression is not going to go away that easily. Prostitutes don’t trust the police and not just because they may get arrested, or have their information held for future busts, or be harassed in the future. What WE know about the police is not generally known by Mr and Mrs Public. They rape, they harass, they abuse prostitutes almost as much as any Bad John or rapist or torturer.

I know of one escort who was raped by a Federal Air Marshall. I know another who was raped by a handful of policemen.

Oklahoma police officer charged with rape & soliciting prostitution

Third ex-Memphis police officer pleads guilty to forced sex with prostitutes

And now they suspect that this dude in Long Island killing women who happen to have been prostitutes may be a cop.

So what do  you do?

If you know of someone or have information on a dangerous criminal, I still urge you to report it. To someone. Call an attorney, call 440-6BE-SAFE, call SWOP-USA, call Crime Stoppers or submit an anonymous tip online.

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  1. Guilty Pleasure

    I find it interesting that they put “people may be reluctant to contact police because of possible drug use and involvement in prostitution.” Why the drug use comment? Is this just another way to slam us in the industry. Drug use is prevalent in all professions, not just the sex trade industry. However, I guess they need to make it look like we are not coming forward because we are all druggies.. right? Wrong! Sigh…

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