Hookers LIE

Apparently. This is a case of “you people irritate the piss out of me”.

Dumbass: So someone is forcing you to prostitute yourself?

Me: No.

Dumbass: YOUR LYING (and you’re going to jail)


Dumbass: So someone  is forcing you to prostitute yourself?

Me: Yes.

Dumbass: Ok I can believe that. (And we will provide you with services and not arrest you)


Here is a good one.. Dumbass: Ok if a person is not forcing you to do this then you must be doing it out of economic coercion.

Me: And? Why do YOU have a job?


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2 responses to “Hookers LIE

  1. Guilty Pleasures


    So true! Why people cannot understand this is a job like any other. It is a service for crying out loud. The money and independence that comes with it is fantastic. Risks? Sure.. but the same can be said with other type jobs ei; Nursing, Firefighter, Policeman, Skyscraper window washing.. and the list goes on.

  2. Jason

    How is selling the use of one part of the body (the vagina) any different from selling the use any other part of the body (brains, muscles, etc)?

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