John’s School ala Brandy

This John School crap pisses me off. I always went to school to learn HOW TO DO something, not how NOT TO DO something. Seems to me a John School should teach men how to be men and how to treat your local prostitute. So… John School ala Brandy.

1. RESPECT – Don’t listen to those Farleys! You are not purchasing a license to rape a woman! This person is still a woman and a human being and as such should be treated with respect. Period. You want a punching bag go to the gym. You want rough sex give Rosie Palm some sandpaper. You DO NOT treat a woman like a ‘whore’, you treat her with the same respect you would expect yourself. Just because you purchase a service from her does not mean that you can do whatever you want. You purchase the services of a physician, what? Does that mean you can rough him up? NO. This person IS someone’s daughter, mother, wife, girlfriend, etc and she is sharing something intimate and special with you. Treat her as someone special.

2. COMMUNICATION – This is a tough one, especially at the beginning until you two know one another. Once it is established that you are not a cop or a super freak and once you figure out she is not out to rip you off or have her boyfriend mug your ass, talk to her. Communicate if you want just straight up wham bam or if you want cuddles and kisses. She is providing a service for you and if you want the best time possible, let her know what you like. She can’t read minds.

3. AGE – If you think she may be too young, she probably is too young. DON’T BE STUPID. She tells you she is 19 but you swear up and down she can pass for 16? PASS! Don’t risk it, it won’t be worth it. (Ask Lawrence Taylor). Is she acting like she doesn’t want to be there? PASS. She may be under coercion. Pass, go home, call 440-623-7233 (440-6BE-SAFE) and report that shit so we can notify authorities. Getting busted for prostitution is a risk in and of itself, do you really want to add the possibility of prostitution with a minor or a pimped girl to the charges? I don’t think so.

4. RESEARCH – There are escort boards for virtually every city which has valuable information when looking for an escort. Reviews are your friend, not just for the hanky panky stories but to verify that the escort is less likely to be a rip off, is more likely to be of legal age, and if the one you are looking at may be compatible or not. Most of these have links to their web pages. READ the website, don’t just look at the pictures and make an appointment. More and more woman require references, if you don’t have any your choices are going to be fairly limited – look for newbie friendly, you may need to jump some hoops but if they have reviews you already know more about them than they will know about you. Deal with it. I hated hearing “Don’t worry, I’m not a cop.” Oh yea thanks, like you would really tell me up front if you were? Ladies put effort into their sites so that everything you need to know is right there – how to schedule, when she is generally available, her likes, her dislikes. Don’t be a twit and get hot and horny over pics and skip the reading. There will usually be somewhere on the site something mentioning the donation and if she likes it first, placed in the bathroom, in an envelope, or none of the above. READ. It will save some awkwardness later.

5. MEETING – So you make it to her front door or she does to yours. Don’t answer your door naked for God’s sake! Expect some chit chat while she gets a sense of who you are and what you are about. We rely heavily on intuition, sometimes it’s spot on – sometimes it may be off. We need this time to get comfortable with you and let intuition work. Don’t attack the poor woman as soon as she gets in the door with heavy petting and sloppy kisses. Let her take the lead at her own pace. If she senses you are ready she will proceed when she is comfortable. If she senses that you may need a little more get comfy time, she will go at your pace. Let it flow, don’t force anything!

6. REVIEW – Behave yourself, don’t be an ass, read her site and reviews, have a good time. Don’t go for unknowns and too youngs. See? Not that difficult.

News story

DENVER — A proposed prostitution crackdown in Colorado is focusing on customers. (Because crackdown on the prostitutes never worked.)

The state Senate planned to start work Monday on a bill that would promote a statewide network of so-called “john schools” — “scared straight” type programs for men who solicit sex from adult prostitutes. (Because the government wants to treat all of you like 12 y/o boys who are going to grow up to be sex starved maniacs.)

First-time offenders could avoid jail by entering a diversion program in which they’d learn about human trafficking. Other topics: how most prostitutes start as young as age 13 and have very short life spans. (Because when you hire a prostitute, a 13 y/o girl dies somewhere.)

Former prostitutes also would share their stories. (But only the prostitutes who have horror stories to tell. If they don’t they will make something up.)

Advocates say john schools reduce recidivism because prostitutes’ overwhelmingly male clients have misconceptions about prostitution. Clients also often believe prostitutes are imported from other countries.

“Ninety-nine percent come from Denver. They do not come from Mexico or Southeast Asia. They’re our girls, our Denver middle school girls,” said Boulder attorney Beth Klein, a prominent advocate for john schools.

Last year, Klein pushed for a human trafficking law that added the sex trade to Colorado’s Organized Crime Act.

“What we really want to have people do is go to these schools and be so transformed by the seriousness of this that they don’t do it again,” Klein said. (In other words we are going to make up shit so heinous that you will never want to have sex again, much less with a consenting adult.)

Klein and Senate President Brandon Shaffer, the bill’s sponsor, want to see Colorado increase penalties for buying sex. Shaffer said the fine should be $10,000, with the money going to municipalities that want to set up john schools and treatment for sex workers.

Colorado currently classifies soliciting sex a petty offense, below a misdemeanor, with fines as low as $75 — less than littering in some cases. People convicted of solicitation aren’t required to register as sex offenders.

Shaffer’s bill doesn’t require john schools but outlines a framework for a possible state network of john schools for jurisdictions that want them. Denver created a version of a john school in the late 1990s but closed it because of low numbers of johns and lack of funding, Klein said.

Large cities in other states have john schools credited with decreasing recidivism — including Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. Texas lawmakers are considering a statewide john school proposal similar to Shaffer’s.

Shaffer pointed out that johns who solicit underage prostitutes would not be eligible because child prostitution is a much more serious crime under existing law. He said a major goal of his bill is to increase fines so that cash-strapped municipal police forces have an incentive to go after johns and send them to treatment. (In other words, we need your money whether you like it or not! How about a gift certificate to Wal-Mart for every John  you bust and bring to school? There is an incentive.)

“This is a good tool, but it’s not going to eliminate the problem,” Shaffer said of john schools. (But hey, let’s throw a bunch of money we can’t afford into it anyway.)

The bill has the support of Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett, who said higher fines and a statewide john school effort could bring more aggressive enforcement of prostitution laws.

“What we’re really trying to do is cut down on the enormous public harm that comes from human trafficking,” Garnett said. (No you’re not. You just said it’s for increased revenue.)


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3 responses to “John’s School ala Brandy

  1. This whole John School in Colorado is going to fail. All it is going to do is create more harm for the men and women who see “legitimate” escorts (consenting adults). This whole BS about Human Trafficking has little to do with helping anyone, let alone stopping consenting adults from engaging in an otherwise harmless activity, and as you have pointed out is more about creating more revenue for a cash strapped State. This isn’t about Human Trafficking, this is about trying to stealing money from “escorts”, and their patrons. Wonder how much of this money actually goes into finding and helping women and kids who really are trafficked! By the way in the article they are stating that most are not trafficked that they are actually prostitutes of their own State for crying out loud. What a way to pull the wool over the public’s eyes, and continue to push the stereotype/stigma’s to the “sheeple”!

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