Deputy hires prostitute, gets shot by pimp

HOUSTON – A suspected pimp accused in the murder of an off-duty Harris County Precinct 4 deputy constable turned himself in to HPD Headquarters Friday afternoon.

Lee Eldridge Sonier, 31, is charged with capital murder in the shooting death of Deputy Ronnie Earl Brewer, 47.

Brewer’s body was found in a car in the 8900 block of Ramin around 1 a.m. Tuesday.

A second suspect, Judy Lucille Hambrick, 40, is also charged with capital murder in the case.

According to investigators, Brewer was killed by Sonier after hiring Hambrick as a prostitute.

One witness told police that Sonier, known on the streets as “Lee Lee,” had been pimping Hambrick, aka “Yo Yo,” for several months.

The witness said on the night of the murder, he saw Hambrick get into the deputy’s car, and noticed that Sonier was standing in the parking lot nearby. About 20 to 30 minutes later, the witness said he heard several gunshots and then saw the deputy’s car in a ditch down the road.

The witness said he didn’t see the deputy, but he saw Hambrick take items from the deputy’s car.

Hambrick, Sonier and a second witness were initially arrested later that day. Police released the witness and Sonier, but Hambrick stayed in custody.

According to court documents, Hambrick admitted to taking the gun and other items, because the deputy “was dead” and “wasn’t going to need them anymore.”

But Hambrick told police she was sitting in her truck that night when the deputy was shot. She said she ducked down when she heard gunshots, and when she looked up, she saw the deputy’s car in a ditch.

She was charged with theft of a firearm.

The second witness, however, told a different story.

She told investigators she was called to do a “date” with Hambrick that night.

When she arrived at the scene, the witness said she, Sonier and Hambrick went in the deputy’s car to a dope house.

On the way there, the witness said she heard Hambrick say “I see dollars! I see dollars!” and she knew that Sonier and Hambrick were planning to rob the deputy.

After they left the dope house, they went back to the apartment. The witness said after Hambrick and the deputy had their date, he and Sonier got into an argument.

At some point during the argument, the witness said Sonier pulled out a gun and shot the deputy.

The witness said she ran away, and as she fled, she heard two other gunshots.

Brewer, who’d been in law enforcement for 10 years, had served with distinction as a member of the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Department Honor Guard.

“He went into law enforcement like his father and he made it, he went through Desert Storm,” said his mother, Mary Brewer. “I lost my baby that’s all I can say, my baby’s gone.”

Chief Deputy James Sumner on Friday said Precinct 4 will remember Brewer for his diligent worth ethic, calm demeanor and great smile.

Sumner said the circumstances surrounding Brewer’s death should not overshadow his many years of service and dedication to the community.

“Deputy Ronnie Earl Brewer served his country and the citizens of the United States honorably as a soldier in the United States Army. Upon his return from duty, he served proudly for over 10 years as a deputy with both the Harris County Sheriff’s Department and the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Department. In these capacities, he served the citizens of the great state of Texas and those of Harris County with Distinction and honor,” Sumner said.

Sumner also expressed support for Brewer’s family and friends in their time of grief.

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