Piss Poor Management

Here is just another thing that pisses me off. When people (meaning society in general) blame businesses as a whole for problems that they see as inherent in the type of business. For example: Adult theaters. OMG – HAVENS for prostitution, drugs, fornication, homosexuality, gangs, and just about any other thing you can well imagine. Ok people, a business is only as good as the way it is managed. This was the excuse (one of many excuses) for shutting down a local adult theater near where I am that was out in the middle of freaking nowhere. No neighbors (well one neighbor who lived on several acres behind the theater, couldn’t even see his house – much less he couldn’t see the theater) as far as the eye could see. They were able to open amid a bunch of hullabaloo due to the business that was there previously being a hole in the wall strip joint.

Now this strip club was rife with problems. There were drugs, rumors of prostitution, gang members were known to frequent the place, etc.  And the MANAGEMENT let it. They were closed down (surprise, surprise) but much to the chagrin of the nearest neighbor (whom you couldn’t even see) it re-opened as an adult store with a theater room. Oh shit, they thought, this wasn’t going to be any better and may be worse because now we will attract *gasp* HOMOSEXUALS!

Alas, this never proved to be true. (Ok there were homosexuals but it’s not like you could tell and they behaved just like anyone else.) Because the MANAGEMENT wouldn’t let it. I got to know him fairly well and he wouldn’t put up with shit. At the beginning they did have a problem (because some customers can be so fucking stupid) with ‘cruisers’ (guys looking for gays to pick up while pretending to browse the adult movies for hours on end and making the paying customers extremely uncomfortable. Well management put a stop to it. Then apparently there was a problem with people having sex outside the store in the bushes. Management put up more security cameras and ran the (literal) fuckers off. Customers who came in obviously stoned or drunk and disorderly were turned away. They were very diligent with checking ID’s and I never saw someone who even looked underage in the store. Naturally this resulted in better class of customers (yea, still horny but behaved) and ZERO instances of trouble (aside from the very beginning). I won’t go into why he was shut down aside from saying it had something to do with the renewal of his sexually oriented business license and a lot of noise from the neighbor you couldn’t see.

Now this happens with any adult business, bet it adult theater, strip clubs, brothels, what have you. If the management is a bunch of greedy asses who could give a shit about the type of customers it attracts as long as they pay cash, the place will be a fucking toilet. On the other hand, if management truly cares about the quality of services and the needs of the types of customers it wants to attract more so than just the money, then the business wouldn’t have the “inherent ills” that some people like to associate with the type of business.

Future managers of adult businesses need to stop thinking “Oh cool idea, I can make a ton of cash” and pay attention to detail and what shuts down other businesses. You are already starting with a negative as in people believing Oh shit, here comes the whores, drugs, and what have you. Have a pair and prove them wrong. Run a clean place. Get rid of any trash that tries to come to the door. Don’t give anyone an excuse to call ‘public nuisance’ down on you.

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