Questioning Crime

I would think that we, as the American public whose government is supposed to be “for the people”, could just question some of this shit that goes on. Seriously, where is the actual crime in the following case. (Aside from just offering only $20.00 … sheesh)

A woman in Tampa may have figured she’d found a better Easter gift for her elderly father than a basket of candy: a tryst with a prostitute.

Pia Kirchberg, 51, and father Maurice Kirchberg, 80, were both arrested over the holiday weekend after the daughter allegedly tried to buy dear old dad a hooker, according to

Cops were conducting a sting in an area of Tampa known for prostitution when the younger Kirchberg went looking for a pretty woman.

But police say the father-daughter pair, whose hometown is Dubuque, Iowa, wasn’t looking to spend big. Pia Kirchberg allegedly offered an undercover officer just $20 to have sex with her father, according to the report.

Both were charged with soliciting prostitution and released on $250 bond. They were two of eight people busted in the sting.

“Prostitution is illegal. It doesn’t matter how old you are,” police spokeswoman Laura McElroy said. “If we catch you trying to solicit a prostitute, you’re going to jail.”

Oh COME ON! Seriously? I would do it. If my father was lonely I’d hire the man a companion. And what is the easiest way to hire a companion? Hiring a hooker. What? You think going on match dot com would be easy for this guy to get a date. I would hope when I’m 80 my son would find me a prosti-dude – not necessarily to have sex with but shit, just to have an attractive male to cuddle with. What’s so wrong with that? So again where is the victim, hence where is the crime? Why aren’t we questioning this crap?

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