Ho Made Hookers and Heart

First off.. Happy Mothers Day! To all mothers out there, be they traditional moms, hooker moms, and all moms in between! My gift this year is my daughter surviving surgery and the subsequent infections. I love you dear and am glad you are home and well on your way to being 100% healthy.

Living in a hospital for a week just about drove me nuts. Normally my plate is always full and I’m always doing SOMETHING. I can’t sit and watch tv without having a puzzle in my lap or knitting or doodling. I don’t have a decent laptop so I couldn’t work on my online projects. I ended up revisiting some ideas I’ve had in the past and built on them along with some ideas for future blog posts and the like.

I always thought it would be cool to have an online store called Ho-Made. I’m a crafty girl (as in crafts, not Wile E. Coyote type of crafty) and I know there are other ladies that do crafts too. One woman I know makes these awesome furry knit scarves that are gorgeous! Another one makes handmade soaps and lotions. I like to make jewelry out of Sculpey like faux turquise, coral beads, and the like and cover tins (like Altoid tins) with clay to make beautiful faux wood and marble boxes. My favorite craft is mold making and life casting and I’m a member of ALI (Association of Lifecasters International).

So I thought it would be a super idea if my cohorts and I have an online store where hookers can sell their crafts (as opposed to their services). Of course then we come to the logistics of it. Neither the person buying nor the person selling would want either of the other to have their address. Hmmm. So this would mean there would have to be a trusted middleman with a P.O. Box to serve as a go between if needed. Say something like TxBrandy offers a necklace for sale on the Ho-Made site. Somewhere in Illinois a lady wants to purchase the necklace. So perhaps the lady in Illinois sends the money via (PayPal or other online processor) to the Ho-Made P.O. Box address and TxBrandy sends the necklace to the Ho-Made P.O. Box where the necklace then gets sent to the woman in Illinois and the check gets sent to TxBrandy. Seems like a lot of steps doesn’t it? However, TxBrandy doesn’t want Illinois woman knowing her address and the Illinois woman doesn’t want TxBrandy knowing her address (because my God, you can’t trust hookers right? And hookers aren’t going to give out their address to a bunch of civvies thats for sure).  This is where input is needed because if there is a better way, let me know.

Then you have the money part of it. It will cost Ho-Made to rent a P.O. Box plus there should be some compensation for doing all the handling and mailing and all that. Need ideas on what would be fair to everyone without the added fee’s being too much and jacking the prices up to where it would be too expensive. I don’t know. It may not end up being worth it. Then of course some ladies may be worried about having their addresses on a list. Honestly, I’d hate to have the names and addresses on a computer hard drive nowadays. I’m glad I’m old enough to know how to keep records without the use of a computer (the old fashioned ledger, pen and paper, which can be hidden and burned if necessary).

First place I’d advertise? To all the Farleys and their little rescue organizations with a tag line of “Buy from us and that’s one less blowjob we need to perform to pay the rent.” LOL

Now this brings me to something else that we have talked about before. The stupid idea of if legalized, requiring women to register as prostitutes. Dude. I am so much more than what I have to do to make a living. If I could afford it (and am hoping for the day when all the kids are graduated and living on their own when I can afford it) there are so many organizations I want to volunteer for. I’d like to do my crafting for the local children’s hospital, especially the lifecasting, or knitting hats, or helping the kids with painting and simpler crafts. I also want to volunteer for a few of the missing person organizations out there (I believe I’ve mentioned before how one of my pet interests are helping to find missing persons). I’ve been a member of NamUs which is an online database but I’d also like to do something more active like volunteer on ground search patrols with Texas Equusearch and similar organizations. Another one is DMORT which is federal under FEMA and for which I have the education and training that is needed. I haven’t signed up with them yet because my kids were still young and they get sent all over at a moments notice (and since it is not volunteer, I would HAVE to go when called).

Like I said, doing what I do to pay the bills does not make who I am. I want to help people. I want to get down in the trenches and find those that are lost, bring smiles to those that are sick, and relief to those that are worried. I have a heart and I believe I can contribute something meaningful. However, and rightly so, those organizations that I would personally be involved in (aside from only working online) do require background checks and one of them even says you must have high moral standards. Now imagine if I have to register as a sex worker with the social stigma that comes with it. It would be automatically assumed that I have no morals because I was a sex worker and I would be unable to be involved in areas where sometimes they need all the people they can get.

I remember, several years ago, the huge earthquake in Mexico where it was a national disaster and several churches and different organizations were trying to raise funds to help. One sex worker publicly announced that part of the proceeds she made would be donated to the relief efforts (she was in an area where prostitution was legal). The relief organizations didn’t want to take her money. Why? Get over your damned selves. The people you are trying to help could give a shit who paid for their water when they are thirsty, food when they are hungry, or blankets when they are cold. Let me let you people in on a little secret: each year hundreds of hookers donate to Toys for Tots, Salvation Army, and Goodwill. Shocking huh?


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2 responses to “Ho Made Hookers and Heart

  1. cch

    Just an opinion…

    If the identify of the craftperson is really important, then your customers will be hobbyists, providers, people that don’t care, and people that don’t pay attention to detail. You might also get an overzealous persecutor (not misspelled) who will claim your store is a front for criminal activity.

    If the products and selling the products are more important, then change the name and just sell the products.

    I do understand your point, and I agree: it shouldn’t matter.

  2. cch

    “My gift this year is my daughter surviving surgery and the subsequent infections. ”

    Yay. For a few days last week, I was less self-centered than usual. Glad that’s over.


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