Under a rock.

Came across this ‘news’ story and I just had to laugh out loud. What decade are these people living in?

New website fuels prostitution in Providence


With their guns fastened to their hips and their ears pressed to the wall, a group of undercover police officers wait and listen inside a Providence hotel room.

It’s a prostitution sting in progress.

On the other side of the wall, a woman, who goes by the name “Tori” solicits an undercover detective for sex.

The woman, who was placed under arrest, was 21 years old and a student at a local college.

“It’s surprising,” said Lt. Michael Correia. “Prostitution whether it be the johns or the women or men working as prostitutes, it spans all socio-economic barriers, race.”

Moments after the first arrest, another person knocks on the door.

Police said the woman, like the 21-year-old that was arrested, advertised on Backpage.com.

The woman goes by the name “Ashley”, and police said they were able to find her on the site and then set up a date within 10 minutes.

“They don’t need to walk a corner. They can just facilitate dates through a cell phone, through the Internet,”Correia said.

Detectives said Backpage.com is the newest tool many prostitutes use to advertise.

The website is simple. Users head to the page, select their state, and then click on adult services. Within seconds, dozens of ads pop up, mostly women, all offering the same thing.

Police said 24-year-old “Ashley” offered sex and much more to the undercover officer for about $400.

NBC 10 asked both women why they advertise on the Internet and why they’ve decided to work as prostitutes. Both declined to comment.

Correia said both women after they are arrested and processed, will go to court. More than likely if the women have never been arrested, they’ll receive probation.

But before the women are placed in the judicial system, police work is needed to determine whether the two are actually victims and selling their bodies by force.

“Whether there is a pimp somewhere or whether they are out there on their own,” he said.

Either way, it’s tough work for detectives, tracking the streets and keeping up with new technology to help combat the oldest profession in the world.


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2 responses to “Under a rock.

  1. This is the “new” we have to save them from the “human traffickers” thing. Or it has to be a pimp that is making these girls do this..
    c’mon, these girls are doing it for all the same reasons the cops do their job.. for the money. BP is now the new “craigslist” target. Half these girls are not even screening properly. Too many girls advertising “newbie friendly” and not doing the right kind of screening. The cops and the media are playing the damn “human trafficking” card to get the public to continue to support these outdated, archaic, puritanical laws against prostitution.

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