Now for some news.

Some more interesting stories found in the headlines across the net…

Why this was a Washington story yet reported on an India site I have no clue.

Many US affluent, educated women entering high-quality illegal sex market

Another case of making people who aren’t hurting anyone criminals. Please note they also charged her with misrepresenting herself as a licensed masseuse but betcha she advertised as neither licensed or unlicensed.. just simply “massage”.

Undercover deputy receives ‘softtissue’ massage before prostitution bust

Another case of I have the gun which gives me a right to do what I want and be a big bully…

High-ranking cop stole from hookers

So this next headline was provocative and I thought YAY! They made an app that will help hookers on the job. Alas, not so. Just another case of sugar baby/sugar daddy (but not REALLY prostitution by any other name) dating site bullshit.

Apple approves prostitution-friendly app

Ok I get why street solicitation for prostitution is a crime. It is/can be a public nuisance  if a person is walking along, minding his own business, and out of nowhere some scantily clad chick comes out and tries to get you to pay her for a sex act. As I’ve said before, being approached by some alternate electric company trying to get me to switch over is also a public nuisance but nobody has made that illegal yet. BUT, unless hookers are spamming your email box unwelcomingly, advertising on the internet is not a ‘public nuisance’. A hooker can follow you on the street and keep asking incessantly for a date. On the internet? There is a little “x” button or the back arrow button that you can click and be done with it. On the internet, you usually have to click a link related to some kind of ‘adult’ service to find an escort ad. It’s not like the ads pop up while you are minding your own business reading CNN. C’mon people. Let’s use that matter between your ears eh? There needs to be a REASON why something is illegal. Street solicitation is illegal because….(as I stated above). Internet solicitation is illegal because…. what? You don’t know how to “change the internet channel”? Please….

Cops bust five people in internet prostitution sting

I know how we argue about marriage being another form of prostitution and sometimes we (as in my hooker friends and I) debate it, but ask a traditional wife and they will totally be opposed to the concept that they are engaging in a form of prostitution because just ewww.. they are wives NOT prostitutes OMG. Well came across this little discussion in CafeMom….

I trade sexual favors and my husband buys me things.  Is this wrong?  I say it’s a win/win situation.   🙂


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3 responses to “Now for some news.

  1. Jason

    The book Spousonomics explicitly says that couples should trade sexual favors for chores (which is, of course, prostitution by barter).

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