Anyone see the pimp?

Oh, I know they exist. Ok well I’m pretty sure they exist. I’ve never seen or met one that I know of. I’ve seen videos on YouTube and JohnTV. I’ve read newspaper accounts of them and heard the horror stories from women who have been controlled by pimps. So I’m pretty sure they are out there. Kinda like the Chupacabra.

Now when I say pimp I’m not talking about a manager who helps hookers out with security (like a bodyguard) or with helping her find clients and ensuring that they aren’t cops. When I say pimp I’m talking about the typical stereotype – violent, knocks women over the head cuz honey didn’t make him any money, supplies drugs, forces them on the street – you know, like in the movies and those 70’s tv shows.

The Farleys want you to believe that every hooker MUST have a pimp that they allow to find men to rape them. No woman in her right mind would choose sex work. No man that works with or for a hooker has any other motive except to beat the snot out of the woman and steal all her money. They push this ‘research’ they have done into most news stories and papers and arguments against prostitution. It’s ALL trafficking, we are all VICTIMS, and someone must be controlling us by force/coercion.

Now a lot of people who have no knowledge whatsoever about prostitution reads the above manure and thinks “Ok, totally. I can picture the truth in their ‘research’ more so than I can a woman who may choose to do this, because it’s what I agree with. Their ‘research’ must be true because I can’t picture myself wanting to be a prostitute – therefore no woman must want to be a prostitute.”

Ok. Why then are women around the world, yes even third world countries where we all KNOW it’s all about minors and forced prostitution, standing up for their rights as prostitutes (sans any “pimp”)?

Examples (as usual, my commentary in red):

Students consider prostitution to pay for school? – One in three university students in the German capital would consider sex work as a means to finance their education, a study from the Berlin Studies Center said on Wednesday. (Prostitution is legal in Germany. According to the Farleys, anyplace where it is legal the (legal) supply is filled only by traffickers bringing in women by force from all over to fill the (legal) demand. So are we to understand that the pimps are allowing all these girls to go to college and that they are being forced by their traffickers to engage in sex work so the trafficker can turn around and pay their college tuition for them?)

SKorean sex workers rally against police crackdown – The rally comes weeks after officials began stationing police cars near brothels in a bid to drive away people looking to pay for sex. (The article also states “hundreds of prostitutes and pimps rallied” but I do believe that it is NOT my definition of pimp – aka the violent asshole sonsabitches – but more likely the managers of the brothels. According to the story, many also tried to set themselves on fire. Ok that’s going a little extreme for a belief but… What does impress me is the fact that in S. Korea prostitution is illegal (however not really enforced) yet these people are so pissed that the government is trying to crack down on their way to make a living that they still took to the streets to protest. Once again, even though their managers were right there with them, I don’t think the managers (what they call pimps) all got together one day and said “HEY, let’s take our ho’s out into the streets in front of everybody and make them protest!” Um no, remember again, according to Farleys, this is supposed to be a HIDDEN industry only to be kept in the shadows so that violence can freely occur.)

Affluent, Educated Women May Choose Sexual Prostitution – …the study indicates that many women, especially educated, affluent women, are making a rational decision to enter certain segments of the prostitution market. (Key words here people, CHOOSE and DECISION)

A few more examples of us non-pimped, free will hookers getting tired of the Farley bullshit and who are trying to be heard over prohibitionist propaganda:

Denmark – Sex Workers march in Copenhagen! – Sex workers of all genders say:
NO to trans-phobia, radical feminism, stigma, signaling and prohibition politics!
YES to social facilities to those in need!
We demand respect and rights – NOW!

Sex Workers Protest in Lagos – The  sex workers who marched through the streets of Ikoyi with fanfare, brandished placards and banners with inscriptions such as “Sex workers have right, African Sex Workers Alliance,” stormed the streets in their numbers demanding justice and recognition.

Rally calling for the decriminalisation of sex work in South Australia – We are the last state in Australia to not revisit our sex industry laws and as a result sex workers are being forced to put police evasion techniques before safety strategies.

There is more to Google if you feel like crawling out of your little box. I haven’t even started with the protests, rallies, and organizations in the US – and there are lots! Perhaps I will reserve that for another post.

For those of you who want to look at the bad side of what other countries are doing in regards to sex work and prostitution, obviously it’s not all about trafficking and forced pimping. Even in these countries, adult women are fighting for their right to choose and safely conduct their business with dignity and human rights.


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9 responses to “Anyone see the pimp?

  1. Most excellent post, Brandy! I especially love the idea of pimp as chupacabra; that gives me an idea for a column! 🙂

  2. cch

    “So are we to understand that the pimps are allowing all these girls to go to college and that they are being forced by their traffickers to engage in sex work so the trafficker can turn around and pay their college tuition for them?”

    Alternate theory: putting them through law school so they will have plenty of lawyers on retainer.

    I know, the alternate theory doesn’t make much sense either.

  3. I’m afraid that telling prohibitionists that college girls will consider sex work if it’s legal will not have the intended effect. Then it will change from “OMG they’re kidnapping our teenagers” to “OMG they’re brainwashing our college kids.”

    • bdevereaux

      Good arguments. Because it couldn’t POSSIBLY be because they don’t want to be in debt once they get a REAL job could it?

      To be honest – I think (generally speaking, can’t speak for them/us all of course) a woman who goes into this freely usually does so due to a temporary need versus a lifetime commitment. As in I need to get these school loans paid off, I need to get caught up on utility bills because I couldn’t work for the week my daughter was in the hospital, or shit – car payment is due AGAIN? And then, because you don’t want to be in the situation were you are stressing for money, you keep doing it so that there is a cushion in the bank and then you ride that train for as long as you can so you do have something for those rainy days. It’s not a career choice per se even if it was legalized.

      That’s what I think and have done in the past. I really don’t know about anyone else but it would be an interesting question. The question being if prostitution was legalized would you choose it as a lifetime career? Or would you use it as a temporary fix to an “Oh Shit” situation? For me, middle age is fast approaching if not here already and I can’t see myself doing this for the rest of my life, not only due to the lack of benefits but also due to dwindling marketability in a competitive work force.

      • I have a friend who’s in her early-mid-20’s, has been providing for 4 years, and wants to do this for the rest of her life. But she’s certainly the exception rather than the rule, in many ways. She’s involved with a lot of sex-positive stuff in general, and has tried different aspects of the business: FBSM, independent escorting, brothel work, pro-domme, etc.

        I made the decision that I didn’t want to be dependent on providing for my sole income, simply because I didn’t want to be put in the position of, “I just have a bad feeling about this guy, but the rent’s due.” So for me, I don’t have any problem doing it indefinitely… but only as a sideline.

        One thing I never see acknowledged by prohibitionists is that there are as many different stories as there are sex workers. People start in different ways, have different goals, use different business strategies, everything is individual.

    • ccho

      The solution is obvious: no more college edumacation for women — for their own protection!

      Just kidding all. Just letting the illogic run its course.

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