The state is not a parent.

While Googling along today, I came across a forum discussing prostitution. Meh, typical back and forth arguments about legalizing and why we should and why we shouldn’t and blah blah blah. Nothing really noteworthy because it’s the same regurgitated crap either from the prohibitionist side or our side which we have all read before.

HOWEVER, I came across this tidbit that I just had to share. A poster gave his opinion –

I don’t think it should be legal, for many reasons,
one worth mentioning is that young women shouldn’t have an easy,
fail safe route to riches by degrading themselves & foregoing the struggles of
self achievement as a component of main stream society.
If its legal, more girls will equate that to normal behavior & its not,
its on the seedy side of an upright society. (Kinda like when they made porn legal huh? All little girls now think it’s perfectly ok to go be a porn actress right? NOT… sorry had to throw two cents into the ring here)

Many of you Libertarians & non Christians do not grasp that the strengths
of our nation are dependent on a morally upright populace.

Typical moralizing right? But THIS answer was spot on…

I’m a Christian libertarian, and I disagree with you. Just because it’s morally wrong, doesn’t mean the state needs to tell you.

Do you have daughters? Do you need the state to tell your daughters that prostitution isn’t a moral activity? Of course not. If you do, I’d say you did a pretty horrible job of raising your daughters. Parents impart values to their children, the state does not. It is the parents’ job to teach their children what is right and wrong, not the state’s.

The beauty of being a libertarian as well as a Christian is that my political beliefs line up with Jesus. Did he ever tell the people what they could or couldn’t do with themselves? No. He taught people what’s right and wrong, and let them choose for themselves. Choosing the righteous path is for all of us to choose for ourselves, not the state’s to choose for us.

And there you have it. Morals are personal and individual. Afraid that if it is legalized your daughter will want to become a porn actress? Oh wait… porn is legal. I mean prostitute. Maybe if you don’t want your child to be a prostitute YOU should be a parent and not kick her out of the house when she comes home with her first hickey. Maybe you and your spouse shouldn’t die in a car wreck before your child has reached the age of 18 and therefore allow her to be taken in by the foster system. Maybe you shouldn’t reject your children when they make bad decisions, maybe you should love them unconditionally. Maybe you should realize that your child is going to grow up to be an independent person with thoughts and feelings and situations of her own and that no matter what path YOU want her to go down, she may make the decision to choose another one. Maybe you should want her to feel safe and secure no matter what path she goes down. Maybe you should tell her how you feel about certain “occupations” instead of the government. Maybe you should teach her honesty and integrity so that yes, even if she becomes a whore she won’t harm other persons.

This is not an argument about the “rights” or “wrongs” of prostitution in and of itself. You know how I feel about it. But rather the inability of some adults who decide to have children to actually PARENT and not rely on the state to instill values on them. That is YOUR job.

Perhaps instead of telling the state what to do to control it’s citizens, you should start at home. Teach patience and tolerance and forgiveness in any venue of life to your children and the world will be a better place, regardless of whether prostitution is legal in the future or not.


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4 responses to “The state is not a parent.

  1. But that’s hard. I’m going to stick with having the state do everything for me, including my thinking and washing my dirty socks. Which they haven’t done yet, the lazy bastards. I shall write my Senator, I really shall.

  2. cch

    There is a moral component to most laws. I haven’t killed my neighbors and taken their stuff cuz it’s illegal. It’s illegal cuz it’s “wrong” — no matter how annoying they are….

    However, in the situation above, I would be infringing upon the rights of others. I think you’re covered cuz of the mutual consent thang.

    I was thinking about the morality thang the other day, and it may be the hardest one to get past voters. It’s just how we roll in the U.S. It makes sense to decriminalize in terms of public health and economics, but making sense isn’t a priority.

    • bdevereaux

      So perhaps we should determine what the laws should be based on. Morality or a persons individual rights. As in is it illegal to murder someone because it goes against your morals or because it takes away anothers right to life? Naturally an argument can be had for both. However laws should be based on preserving the rights of others, not a persons (or even a group of persons) moral beliefs.

      Laws against running red lights have nothing to do with morals. It is not immoral to run a red light. However, to protect persons from losing their lives in a horrific accident, it is against the law.

      If the laws against prostitution are also to protect the publics health (due to STD’s), then prostitution shouldn’t be a crime – casual sex whether free or paid for would be a crime (if the purpose was not based on morality but public health). Shit I know what I mean even it didn’t get expressed here.

      • cch

        But why preserve individual rights? Because it’s the “right” (moral) thing to do? I don’t think morality can be removed from the law.

        I agree with you that individual rights should take priority over other morals. It would make things easier. I’m not disagreeing with you. I’m just saying this will be a tough hurdle in terms of changing laws or making new ones. I don’t have a lot of faith in the voting public.

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