“Hey… it’s a dirty job but…”

Perhaps I should have named this post “I’d rather be a hooker… #2”. Seems every time I read the arguments regarding prostitution, both for and against, on various discussion boards there is at least one person exclaiming, “OMG That is THE most disgusting kind of job! Ewww! Icky! Gross!” etc.

Sometimes I really wonder what you people are thinking when you picture this “job”. I try to think back to before my experiences began and picture what I thought prostitution was. I generally imagined the mini-skirt, tube-top, big haired (yes I grew up in the 80’s)  woman leaning against a building next to a street with one leg bent and a cigarrette dangling out of her mouth. I don’t remember ever thinking about her doing her job, perhaps because of my youth and inexperience at the time. Nowadays I can imagine what some of you people must picture: a gaunt dope addict from the street laying on a smelly mattress in some fleabag hotel or abandoned building with or without a thin, stained sheet. She counts the water leak stains on the ceiling while waiting for the grossly obese, dirty, stinky, sweaty, OLD man who is making grunting noises while on top of her to finish. Yea, that’s disgusting and it is NOT my job. If the man can’t afford a NICE hotel then he can’t afford me and I’ll pass. I don’t mind if the man is old and/or obese but he better be freshly showered and shaved or I’ll pass. Of course, I’m not trying to afford a drug addiction neither. But again, I’m digressing…

Maggie McNeill did a similar post to what I’m going to write. Hers was entitled “Bad Jobs” in which she discusses the 10 most depressing jobs in America. I am going to discuss the most disgusting jobs and the most dangerous ones, ones in which I probably wouldn’t want my daughter to be involved in.

To get started I found this list – 20 Disgusting Jobs That You Never, Ever Want. Please remember that each individual is different, what is disgusting to some is not disgusting to others. It doesn’t bother me a bit to work in a Level I Trauma Center in the middle of a city such as San Antonio. I’ve seen gunshot wounds, heads that have gone through windshields in car accidents, people who have been run over by cars, people who have had limbs mangled by farm machinery. I’ve had blood, feces, and brain splatter onto my shoes and clothes. I’ve been exposed to more diseases than I ever have being a hooker. I know many people who would NEVER, EVER work in an ER due to the above reasons. One job that I would never, ever do and I don’t care how much cash you are doling out is that of a high rise window washer. I have a serious aversion to heights, they terrify me. I don’t care if there are ropes and wires and scaffolding and safety this and safety that and “but your not being exposed to disease and blood and nasty stuff”, I DON’T CARE. Not doing it, no way, no how. I’d be the hooker on the dirty mattress with old fat guy before you get me up on that little swing 100 stories in the air. Thinking about it just gives me the shivers. But do you see me advocating to abolish all window washer jobs because I couldn’t imagine myself doing it? No.  Shit, I’m digressing AGAIN…

So in regards to the above link about the 20 most disgusting jobs – I’m only gonna pick on a few of them because you can read the rest for yourself:

1. Proctologist – Yea, sticking my fingers up the ass of every Tom, Dick, and Harry/Mary with health insurance sure is my idea of a good time. As a hooker, I choose if and who I will anal play with thank you very much.

4. Pathologist – Think working in the ER is disgusting. At least those people are alive and FRESH. I’ve worked in a morgue before and I’d rather deal with fresh blood and brains any day rather than cadavers who are anywhere from a day dead to several months dead (complete with maggots, bloating, and my GOD that SMELL!)

5. Sewage Worker – Think prostitution is disgusting because the women get a little “man sweat” and semen on their skin? What you must think about sanitation workers then – shit, piss, semen, vomit, blood, dead rodents, dead goldfish, condoms, tampons and whatever else people just toss in the toilet nowadays.

8. Crime Scene Cleanup – Not just fresh dead bodies here people. Crime Scene Techs also have to clean up when they find bodies that have been dead for months in some apartment where the neighbors didn’t care enough to check up on the old man down the street who was shot by burglars.

9. Hotel Maid – Cleaning up after people who don’t care because they know someone else will clean it up. To me, this is degrading. Having to clean a toilet that is not mine that someone I don’t know has thrown up in or had a mean case of Montezuma’s Revenge AND for minimum wage no less.

I Googled the most dangerous jobs too. That’s another argument against prostitution is how dangerous it is. Most sites that have lists of dangerous jobs site being a fisherman as the most dangerous job with 200 fatalities for every 100,000 AND they get paid generally less that 24,000 per year. Because statistics can not be compiled on prostitutes (not many want to stand up and be counted) we don’t know how many hookers per 100,000 die each year due to WORK related incidents. People do love to guess though.

HOWEVER, let’s just say (for the sake of argument here) that prostitution IS the most dangerous occupation for women. (I have found some studies that were done regarding this argument but I am running out of time and space here and will leave that for another day.) IF it in fact is this dangerous, then why the FUCK are we allowing it to happen instead of just hoping that women won’t become hookers? WHY aren’t we allowing people in prostitution to work together for safety instead of tearing them apart by threatening the offense of being involved in a “ring” which has a more serious crime and penalty associated with it. WHY are we forcing these women into more dangerous situations than they are already involved in by making them work outdoors else we take away their homes through forfeiture laws?

Knowing that it is a dangerous job, people will still choose to be fishermen. Knowing that it is a dangerous job, women will still choose to be prostitutes. With fishermen we listen to them and implement better equipment, better conditions, and better policies to make their job safer. What do we do with prostitutes? The exact opposite. We threaten their liberty and their safety by trying to take away that which would make them safer.



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4 responses to ““Hey… it’s a dirty job but…”

  1. Gorbachev

    It’s a question of some women disliking how men see women; they want women on pedestals.

    It’s raising the price of pussy so that their men can’t stray.

    (As if getting rid of whores would stop men who wanted some strange. Like saying marriage will guarantee your woman will be faithful. Hah.)

  2. Comixchik

    I did one form or another of sex work for 22 years, stripper, porn, and later escort.

    Never was I treated with less respect than when I did retail work for less than a year.

    Like any other type of work, there are levels to sex work, and the safety and comfort varies with those levels. Working as a drug addicted street worker is a lot different than being a several hundred dollar an hour call girl. But then, being a factory worker in a dangerous factory is different than sitting in the executive suite, too.

    I always thought that what so many of the women who opposed sex work failed to understand is that it actually keeps marriages together.

    Most of the men I saw had just reached a point in their lives where they wanted to experience some of their fantasies before they got too old. The wives weren’t willing, or else they were afraid to ask them. So the men turned to a professional. Better than having an affair, because I’m not going to try to take their husbands from them.

    While yes, there were times I worked under conditions less than ideal, my job was rarely disgusting.

  3. cch

    In a nutshell…

    Different strokes for different folks — not trying to be punny.

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