Paying Forward The Versy Award

On June 6th I was nominated by Maggie McNeill for The Versatile Blogger Award. What the hell is that? I asked the same, having never heard of it before. Apparently it is an informal award, nobody votes you in or anything, that is for fun. It’s also just really cool having others recognize your work publicly in their blog because this leads to a whole new networky thing. The hits to Brandy’s Bedroom were more on the day of and the day after her post and I’m sure the other nominees received similar hits. I don’t know about them but I get a warm fuzzy feeling when my stat counter goes over 100 for a day.

It’s an awesome idea and some regular readers of mine may find some interesting bits and pieces in the blogs that I nominate. Plus you’ll find what I like to read. So, taking directly from MM’s site here are the “rules”:

Official Rules of the Award

1) Thank the award-giver(s) and link back to them in your post. (check!)
2) Tell your readers seven (7) things about yourself. (patience, it follows)
3) Give this award to up to fifteen (15) recently discovered bloggers. (Whew! At first I though I had to have at least 15)
4) Contact those bloggers and let them in on the exciting news. (HA! I was going to have some fun with this by listing every prohibition/abolition/sex-hysteria/neofeminist blog I could think of and then send them an email letting them know they won an award on a HOOKER blog! But, dear reader, that would not be fair to you and you really would miss out on some interesting shit just for the sake of my sarcastic glee at poking bears. Sigh.)

Seven things: 

1. I want to be a writer. A fictional author to be more precise. Have wanted to do this since I was a little girl who read a book and thought I can write better than this. First it was horror stories, ala Stephen King or Dean Koontz. Then I wanted to write historical romance, ala Jude Deveraux or Johanna Lindsey. Now I’m on this paranormal kick (like Vampires and such) ala JR Ward. MAYBE one day I’ll share.

2. I HATE chick flick movies. I refuse to go to the theater to watch a comedy. IMO the big screens are great for special effect thrillers and sci-fi (especially if I am paying theater prices). If I watch a movie I want to be entertained. Crying or mulling over some deep meaning theme of a movie is not my idea of entertainment. I may watch a comedy if it comes out on tv, I will leave the room if a tragic love story is playing.

Wow, this is harder than I thought (coming up with seven things about me). If any of you have read my blog for some time you already know bits and pieces.

3.  My favorite tv shows, in no particular order: Supernatural, Criminal Minds, House, Bones.

4. I want to purchase a bit of land (5-10 acres) and build a self sustaining cob house. Prior to moving where I am now (a dam neighborhood… with neighbors *shudder*) I was working on this and am eager to start again. I’d like to live off the grid, however I like having electricity (especially in Texas summers) and a fridge and internet access and a washer/dryer. I have studied the process of rain water collection and natural heating so perhaps one day my only bill will be electricity. Yes, I know. Solar Panels. Have you priced those things lately? I don’t know if I will live long enough for that to be cost effective in the long run.

5. I want to travel and participate in medical and humanitarian missions across the globe (unfortunately many of these require me to pay my own way). I volunteer in helping to find missing persons online. When I no longer have kids at home who need me here every day, I am going to volunteer in person (if they will have me) with either Texas Equusearch or CUE Center for Missing Persons. Both of these NGO’s send out volunteer groups to do ground and air searches for missing people. Equusearch is awesome. Tim Millers (the founder) story is heartbreaking. You can read about it here and why he started Texas Equusearch. *Warning, don’t read if police incompetence and department policies piss you off*

6. My favorite thing to wear is scrubs. Day or night, sleeping in, shopping in.

Finally 7. I hate to cook. But when I do I do it well, or so I’m told.

My nominees: The first three really should just be Honorable Mentions because y’all KNOW I read them, but since I can come up with up to 15 I’ll list them.

1. Maggie McNeill

2. Emily Hemingway

3. Kelly James

4. Luscious Lani – Down to earth Aussie Escort who just sounds like she would be so much FUN to hang out with.

5. CJ – Happy Endingz – an erotic masseuse that blogs about what goes on behind her closed door in a massage parlor.

6. Nina Rae – A lady in the street but a freak in the bed! She makes me giggle.

7. Madame X – Love what she writes and at the end of her blog posts she usually leaves something…ah…extra.

8. The Player – Dude cracks me up. Male POV.

9. JohnTV (aka Brian Bates, the Video Vigilante) – No, this is not a case of poking the bear. I like this guy. He does not have a problem with two consenting adults and what they do in private. He is against the street trade, the pimps, and doing the nasty in a car next to a school playground. He also exposes the occasional ineptness and callous attitude of his local police department. We may disagree on several things, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like him and he does have some funny stuff on his blog.

10. Antonio M. Daniels – I just enjoy reading his blog which really doesn’t have anything to do with hookers, it more society type stuff in general.

That’s it for now. I don’t really read too many blogs, but I do like to look in on various discussions boards from time to time. Now for the fun of contacting these people LOL.



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8 responses to “Paying Forward The Versy Award

  1. Jason

    Have you heard of the book Back to Basics? It has a lot of information useful for living off the grid.

    • I think I had picked up that book at a library several years ago. Loved it! People wonder if I’m an Eco-Warrior or into the green movement. No, it’s a side effect of wanting to live CHEAPLY!

      • Jason

        My brother and I bought a second edition copy back in the 1980’s or 1990’s and I just picked up a third edition for Kindle — 2.99, can’t beat that price!

        I completely agree with the idea of living cheaply. My youngest brother gives me a hard time about my interest in hybrids, saying I’m an eco-warrior or some such. Nope, it’s a desire to want to get more power out of less gas — any gas energy that isn’t being used to move my car, power my radio or A/C or otherwise benefit me is being wasted.

        I heard about an interesting idea for cheaper gas on TV a few months ago — energy amplifier. Basically it’s a box that use a little electricity and a little natural gas to generate a lot of electricity.

      • cch

        I have an interest in hybrids, etc., but only because I like gadgets.

  2. cch


    This might be an urban myth, but I heard a story about someone with a windmill. He was connected to the grid and sold his surplus energy to the power company. So, he got checks from the power company.

    Solar energy is getting cheaper. A solar/wind combo might do the trick.

    How would you satisfy your blogging addiction without being on the grid though?

    • Jason

      Look at Southwestern Energy for the windmills.

    • Thus the need for electricity. I can read by candlelight but not surf the net. There are places in the Hill Country where the electric co. is a co-op that will buy back your electric (lotsa eco-warriors up there) if using solar so it’s not a myth – suprisingly. I never looked into the windmill/wind electric thing. Down here it would make sense for hybrids, in the Hill Country though solar was the way to go. Hell I haven’t looked into it in over five years. Dam town I’m in has so many codes and ordinances you can’t do anything that would set you apart from the Joneses.

  3. This nominee thing is pretty fancy, I have to say. I like this paying it forward business. LOL. And to hear that I make you giggle has brightened my day… lights up my life…becomes the wind beneath my wings. Yeah, yeah, I think you get where I was going here.

    (in my best Eddie Murphy voice) “Sexual Chocolate!!!!” *drops mike*

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