Get out of the frying pan!

This video was sent to me by a dear friend of mine. I wasn’t going to say much about it but on reflection… well here I am.

If you watch you will notice arrows and type that the person who filmed this interjected here in there. It’s in Spanish and I don’t read Spanish but I do recognize the translations of “prostitute” and “exploit”. We have no idea who filmed this. Rumor is going around that it is a working girl who did it but it could have been a customer for all we know or a Spanish version of Brian Bates (the guy from JohnTV).

How does the general public view this? News Story

So I’m expecting to see children in cages and women being dragged off by their hair. What I actually see appears to be women calmly walking with these “customers” to an area off camera where we are to assume that they are being raped. Actually, nowhere in the video are any signs of force or coercion. They look like consenting adults to me. Now there is a dude at a gate who is called “Rambo” in the video. He reminds me of that character “Machete”. Supposedly he is a pimp since he is seen taking money and giving change presumably for the sexual services of the poor little exploited women. Or it could be the dude inside the bar that we see in shadow who is the pimp, as there is a section where the girls are seated (without chains) watching guys play pool and drink. The video also shows little rooms, again presumably in the back of the establishment where the transactions occur, complete with icky mattresses on the floor.

From my perspective and thinking outside the box; again I see consenting adults walking back and forth. The faces are hard to see but the women are not walking like victims and I can’t see blood or bruises from them being beaten. Their arms are not being held by some big brute of a man escorting them back and forth and they aren’t running or trying to run away. I can totally see “Rambo” as being hired not as a pimp but as security. Keeping the riff raff out and ensuring that the girls are safe. Hell he could have been hired by the women for this purpose. Sure he handles the money. This keeps the women from being robbed when they are alone with a customer. Duh. If the rooms we are shown are actually where the tricks go down… well this I have a problem with. These women need to get together and either make or demand better and cleaner rooms in my opinion.

Thinking like the public whose brains have been trained to believe that no woman would want this and that they are all victims if a man is involved in any way, I can also see where you see that it must be all mental coercion. Because we don’t know the story behind it. Maybe they are being threatened in some way, they don’t act like it but hey it’s possible. Maybe “Rambo” will pop a cap in their ass if they try to run. We don’t know.

What I am trying to point out is that, because we don’t know shit, it COULD be either way. Let’s not just jump automatically to conclusions and imagine the worst because it may be just the opposite of what you think you see and what your imagination pictures going on behind the scenes.

Here is a little tidbit I thought about yesterday when watching a fictional tv show. Sometimes solutions to what we perceive as bad result in consequences which are worse. I could do the research but I’m running out of time so I’ll give you a nutshell explanation. Picture if you will, the carnivals of yesteryear in which there were ‘freak’ shows such as the dog boy and the bearded lady. Human rights activists got their panties in a wedgie over the mental abuse, exploitation, and degradation of these people and basically made freak shows illegal. I’m sure those little twits felt that they had done a good thing and people never again would be allowed to be made fun of in that way. Let’s all pat ourselves on the back. What happened to the freaks? No longer could they make an honest living by using the features that God gave them, however demeaning the work may have been – it was still work and allowed them to make their own way by being able to buy things such as oh… food for example. Now these “freaks” were left homeless with no way to survive OR they were put into institutions. Yea, great humanitarian effort there. I’m sure the goody-two-shoes didn’t take any of them in to care for, nor did they really care if they were willing to work at the carnival or not. It was for there own good because by God they were being degraded! So yea, living on the streets and picking pockets is so NOT degrading right?

So lets say the police swoop in to this bar because of the video. Let’s all breathe a sigh of relief if the women are saved from this gawdawful lifestyle. Because then they just disappear right? They just go *poof* – all gone! Everybody can breathe a sigh of relief now that the world is a better place. But is it really?

Out of the frying pan and into the fire…

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