Mythbusting – It’s happening all over

And yet another article which blows the prohibitionist claims out of the water. It’s what actual sex-workers (off street) have been saying all along:

Study finds prostitution now a career choice for many women in Wales

They found:

  • – More than three-quarters of those questioned had qualifications including GCSEs, A-levels  and even a law degree
    – The majority had come into the sex trade from “respectable” careers – including one woman who had been a senior manager in a private sector business
    – None had been trafficked or coerced – with many quoting high wages, flexible working hours and job satisfaction as their reasons for going into the trade
    – The majority were working independently by advertising on the internet, some of whom said they were doing it “for fun”

The startling results explode the myth of men and women trapped in a dangerous trade by controlling pimps, financial insecurity and a downward spiral of drug and alcohol abuse.

Startling? Hardly.

But researchers said many of the sex workers they spoke to were complacent about the risks of the job, such as violence and sexually transmitted diseases.

Complacent? Or realistic? Yes, we know that there are risks to the job just as there are risks at any other job, although different kinds of risks, risks none-the-less. Do not confuse complacency with risk assessment however. If you are “schocked” or “startled” at your perceptions of prostitution not being what they really are then you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that violence and STD’s occur less often than what you imagine either.

“These women definitely don’t want to be saved – they have made a choice and we have to respect that choice – Government policy needs to recognise that the sex industry has been around for ever and it’s not going to go anywhere.

(My emphasis there)

She said the rise in people joining the sex trade could be due to the anonymity of the internet and the influence of TV shows like ITV’s Secret Diary of a Call Girl, which stars Billie Piper as a high-end escort living in London and earning thousands.

Or, gee. Could it be that to some women it is very practical and makes sense? I can now make my child’s school play, I can be home to help them with homework, I am less stressed which makes me happier and my children happier, I have more time to pursue things that interest me, and/or I’m paying my bills without the need of government assistance.

The article continues with the dangers faced by women who are choosing to work from the internet and the fact that they hide this from friends and family. The article fails to put two and two together however:

She said efforts by the  Labour Government to eradicate the industry led to many former brothel workers branching out on their own, accounting for the sharp rise in internet-based sex workers.

“When they stopped women working together in twos and threes and decided to start putting brothel clients on the sex offenders’ register if they were caught, many women fled to the internet because it was the only way that everybody wasn’t  going to get nicked,” she said.

The reason the job is dangerous and prone to violence is that we are not allowed to work together. The government, for the sake of showing that they don’t condone prostitution, has forced women to work alone and in secret.

“We used to have days where the girls could all go to the GUM (genito-urinary medicine) clinic to get health checks, counselling and exit strategies for those who wanted to leave, now it is much more dangerous. But there are websites like Safe that have been set up by escorts to  give advice to ladies and boys entering the industry, as well as buddy systems where if you are new to a town you can buddy up with someone else, so it is improving.”

So what was so wrong with that? Having a system for safety, counselling, and exit strategies if wanted? Oh, that’s right, the government again doesn’t want to be seen as condoning consensual sex transactions in general so as a strategy we have to take away services that might help hookers. To hell with allowing the protection of our citizens, we have an image to hold on to.
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