Dirt swept under a rug is still dirt.

By now, you have probably heard of the bitch fight between Village Voice (who owns backpage.com and Ashton Kutcher). They are going at it via Twitter and VV blogs and news. I’m not really going to get into what the discussion was about and all that shiznit. You can read about it on Maggies Blog, Village Voice, Amanda Brooks, and pretty much all over.

Here is a sentence I want you to look at and think about. It comes from a Seattle Police Department Memo that Ashton Kutcher posted here.

“In 2011 alone, SPD detectives have uncovered four documented cases of child prostitution openly advertised on the Backpage.com website.”

Knee jerk reaction – OMG those POOR BABIES!!! Being ADVERTISED for SALE! HOW can backpage.com LIVE with themselves??

What do I say? GOOD! THANK GOD those four children were FOUND! Because what if backpage went the way of Craigslist? What? Since they are no longer found on an open free to browse website they just disappear? They never existed? So child prostitution, sex slavery, human trafficking will cease to exist because we can’t find them anymore? Really? I’d like to live in  your world but it’s not reality.

Yes, think of the children. Think of the instances that children are found and rescued BECAUSE of backpage.com and similar venues. Because if those children weren’t found, where would they be now?






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4 responses to “Dirt swept under a rug is still dirt.

  1. Meant to add the whole “One trafficked child prostitute is one too many” hype. Hey if Backpage can save “one child” by allowing people to post ads and having that child discovered and rescued by LE, isn’t that worth it?

  2. Ashton Kutcher and others are actually being paid to twitter a lot of this crap. The very organizations and people who oppose prostitution (not just child prostitution) are using celebrities now. In light of Lindsey Lohan’s admittance, of being paid for tweets, this does not surprise me. The celebrities are not totally clueless, but they are getting monetary funds to wrangle up this so called “campaign” against child prostitution. The sad thing is the majority of us who are “consenting adults” who patronize escort services will take the blame and be crucified over this. We are the ones who are in the best position to help, and to stop this, yet that very fact is ignored.

  3. cch

    This could be a research project. A fake ad could be place on BP. Fake information could be distributed via non-BP methods (I don’t know what those other methods are). Perv interest could be measured. LE interest in catching the fake traffickers ccould be measured. In terms of pervs, there might be a difference between interest and actually showing up in terms of both methods. That could be measured, but help from LE would probably be needed. Of course, at that point, LE interest in catching the fake trafficker could not be measured because they would know the information is fake.

    In general my questions are:

    Is BP helping child traffickers?
    Is BP helping child traffickers get caught?
    Is BP helping dumb child traffickers get caught (the smarter ones might not be using BP)?

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