440-6BE-SAFE (aka 440-623-7233) is a predate hotline which ANYONE can use. The purpose of this line is not to save your life, it’s not to call if you are in a dangerous situation. Call 911 in those instances. It is a precaution only to use prior to going on a blind date or an escort call, whether you are female or male.

The best way I feel to explain is by using examples:

  • Scenario #1: An escort gets a call from a client (new or a regular) to meet them at a certain place (whether it be a hotel room, restaurant, whatever). The best plan of action is for the escort to notify a trusted friend of where they will be and who they will be with. If something should happen, someone has the information of where the escort was last seen. We all know that best laid plans can go awry. Perhaps the friend is out of town or unable to get your call. Perhaps you don’t have a friend that knows what you do. Call the number, leave a message. We do not call you back, nor do we even answer the phone. You can leave as much information as you want or as little as you want. The more information the better should the guy turn into some creep that leaves you for dead but hey… it’s up to you. Now should you turn up missing or God forbid your body is found, only then will the information be turned over to authorities and only to assist in the investigation. This may not help you, but it may prevent the dick wad from doing it to someone else.
  • Now lets say you are independent and the guy just gives you a funny feeling. Call the predate line in his presence prior to commencing with your date. He will think twice about harming you. Should he check your phone at some point to see if you really did call someone, our number and message system will be there recording his call and verifying that yes, the record is there.
  • This does not only apply to women. There are clients who call someone new who may show up with a driver that can mug you and leave you for dead. Please feel free to use this line also.
  • This line is not just for escorts and clients. Say you are a woman meeting Mr. Right (or so you think) off of Match.com or Adult Friend Finder. Use this line. It’s here for you and it’s absolutely FREE.

Only myself and two other people (who do not live with me) who are trusted have access to these recordings and my notes. Otherwise this information is not shared with ANYONE. If something should happen to one of the callers, only the information pertinent to that investigation will be handed over.

Another concern some may have is the risk of us being subpoenaed for the records. The law works in mysterious ways and I can totally imagine a lie being told or a scenario being made up in order to convince me to give up the goods. For one thing, unless you state something foolish like “Hi, this is (my real name) and I’m seeing Mr. Soandso because I agreed to have sex with him for $(insert amount here)” then there is no admission on file that you are committing the crime of prostitution. As stated, this line is open to ANYONE should they feel the need to use it and whatever occasion they feel the need to use it in. For example, an escort can also use the services of Match.com and find a regular date and still use this line. So unless LE has the resources available to comb through every record just to determine if you are doing something illegal or not then it’s a bit pointless. Hell even I don’t know which calls are escorts on business and which calls are simply hook ups.

If you have questions about this service or anything mentioned above. Feel free to contact me at swatchnews@gmail.com


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