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Jessica Edith Louise Foster – Mondays Missing #1

Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows that I have a thing about missing persons. If I could have a super power it would be the ability to locate missing people. Any missing person be they harlot, child, runaway, axe murderer. I would either bring them home or bring them to justice if I could.

I have a hero. She is not Wonder Woman nor Angeline Jolie. She is a mom who has lost her daughter. It has been five years since her child has disappeared. Glendene Grant has never stopped using every means available to her to find her child. She has used WordPress, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc to get the word out to help find her missing girl. She interviews with any and everybody who will listen and tells her story and asks for help. To this day, her heart is torn each time a body is found that may fit the description of Jessie Foster, her daughter. Torn because that body is someones daughter even if it’s not Jessie’s and wondering if finally, her child has been found.

Jessie Foster was convicted in Las Vegas of soliciting for prostitution in June 2005. In September (2006), she was charged with four more counts of that offence, investigator Mike Kirkman said. Her Prince Charming was married to a convicted prostitute and he had been found guilty of spousal abuse. Associates of Foster told Kirkman that Peter had beaten her up and that they’d seen the bruises. “I think you can draw your own conclusions as to what he may be,” Kirkman said. “In English, it’s called a pimp.” Peter is the only person police know of in the Las Vegas area to question in connection with Foster’s disappearance, Bedwell said. Peter told The Province he has no involvement with the prostitution business and that he never physically abused Foster. “I don’t give a s–t what the hell they say about me,” Peter said. “When I met Jessica Foster, she was a hooker.

So what? To Jessie’s mother, she was her child, her baby girl, a fun, personable, bubbly child that probably never hurt another soul. What she did is not who she was. Picture if this was your child, would it really matter whether she was a prostitute or not? No.

Now some neo-nazi-feminist-prohibitionist bitches will say, “Well, what do you expect to have happened? She was a hooker. She was involved in a dangerous ‘profession’.”

If I had a dick I’d tell you to suck it.

Why some of you people think that nothing bad will happen to you because you are not employed as a hooker is beyond me. Laci Peterson was not a hooker. Summer Inman was not a hooker. It doesn’t matter to Ms. Grant and it shouldn’t matter to anyone else what Jessie Foster did. A mothers CHILD is missing.

Read the links below to find out more about Jessie. Yes her mother is on an anti-trafficking campaign but I don’t want to go there. She definitely has her reasons and even though she is on the opposite side of the issue than I or my peers, I can’t help but to relate to her as a mother. She may be upset that I am talking about her daughter on a hooker blog but honestly there may be readers here that are more likely to have seen/heard/know of something to help this woman than those who read CNN and say, “Ohhh how sad for her.”

You can also Google Jessie Foster and find many more articles, websites, and news stories.

If ANYONE has any information and are uncomfortable contacting either Ms. Grant or the various law enforcement agencies involved (AMW, NCMP, LVPD, et al) feel free to contact me and I’ll forward the information to someone.


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