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What to do?

Once again, the police are asking for information from prostitutes to help them do their job.

Police Say Man Kidnapped, Tortured, Raped Woman In Dungeon

More ‘bondage room’ victims suspected

On Wednesday, Seattle police appealed for other potential victims to come forward. Sgt. Sean Whitcomb said detectives “believe there are more” victims, but think people may be reluctant to contact police because of possible drug use and involvement in prostitution.

It is a damned scary world that women who are trying to survive in live in. How do you know where to turn? When are they going to realize that decades of suppression is not going to go away that easily. Prostitutes don’t trust the police and not just because they may get arrested, or have their information held for future busts, or be harassed in the future. What WE know about the police is not generally known by Mr and Mrs Public. They rape, they harass, they abuse prostitutes almost as much as any Bad John or rapist or torturer.

I know of one escort who was raped by a Federal Air Marshall. I know another who was raped by a handful of policemen.

Oklahoma police officer charged with rape & soliciting prostitution

Third ex-Memphis police officer pleads guilty to forced sex with prostitutes

And now they suspect that this dude in Long Island killing women who happen to have been prostitutes may be a cop.

So what do  you do?

If you know of someone or have information on a dangerous criminal, I still urge you to report it. To someone. Call an attorney, call 440-6BE-SAFE, call SWOP-USA, call Crime Stoppers or submit an anonymous tip online.


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I just love people who get it. I especially love people who get it and say it on a widely read news site:

Criminalisation harms sex workers

The Canadian Courts recently heard these arguments from Janice Raymond and Melissa Farley (both American academics who have never done sex work) and dismissed their ‘evidence’ on the basis that they couldn’t substantiate their claims (In the words of SM – LOL #FAIL). The court found that the harms related to sex work were caused by criminalisation – not by sex work in and of itself. Sex work is not inherently harmful. Criminalisation is. (Refer to my post Accountants and cars)

Criminalising the activities associated with sex work, or sex work itself, is neither contemporary nor modern, nor is it based on any reliable evidence.

Sex workers have consistently proven that health self-regulation is not only possible but successful.

Arguing for increased criminalisation such as the Swedish model is to ignore 30 years of evidence promoting the success of decriminalisation.

Silencing or deliberately undermining sex workers’ voices is one way that anti-sex work campaigners hide the harms that are created by criminalisation. Anti-sex work activists view sex workers’ protest against the Swedish Model as driven by greed or delusion. One tactic often used is the claim that those who speak up against the Swedish model must be pimps or brothel owners, interested only in exploiting others. Another tactic is to describe sex workers as having “false consciousness” and as having “Stockholm syndrome.” Either way, their voices are often ignored.

Trafficking and sex work are two different things. Trafficking is a crime; sex work is a job. Anyone who cannot understand that these phenomena are unlike each other has a whorephobic boner and is emotionally attached to defining sex workers as victims.

…such views make sex workers invisible when we inconveniently speak out against the conflation of sex work and trafficking, and against the insult that we would have to be victimised to choose the job that we do.

Sex worker voices and health should be all that really matter in these debates, as it is our lives that are affected while others simply theorise from the sidelines.

These are but a few excerpts from the article which I c/p over here to illustrate the points I wholeheartedly agree with. This is nothing new to my peers and I. We have been saying this over and over and over. Read the article, learn, understand. Follow the links that are posted within it from the original site and educate yourself. Better yet, UNDERSTAND what is going on and how some of you sheeple are being manipulated.

And then of course I read the stupid asonine you-don’t-know-what-you-are-talking-about comments and just want to hit the reply button over and over to say things like asshole, dipshit, moron, twit…. Like this dude:

Anthony :

08 Apr 2011 12:24:38pm

Surely sex work is work women do when their self esteem is too low to enter the real workforce? Elena, you may be in denial about your situation but that doesn’t mean the rest of us have to be as well. I engaged the services of a sex worker on only one occasion, and I found it to be a very sad and demoralising experience. Sex work is not a legitimate form of work, its simply a social saftey valve.

Gotta love the hookers who responded to this:

Kylie :

08 Apr 2011 7:08:16pm

Anthony, people enter the sex industry for all sorts of reasons and at all different stages of their lives. While I started at 20, I had already been working in catering and other jobs since I was 14 (bakery, cafeteria, Sizzlers, fruit shop, pamphlet delivery, maths tutor etc). Other friends of mine entered the industry when they were in their 40’s. A lot of us have 2 occupations (nurse, graphic designer, counselor, script writer, parents, teachers, models, accountants, dress makers, IT consultants..). So no, our self esteems are quite fine thanks, we’re just making choices based on the sound economic principle that we can earn money / more money within the sex industry.

I was going to uni earning about $8 / hr at a bottle shop when I entered the sex industry. It gave me great freedom to study more (psychology degree) and choose to live closer to the uni so my commute was shorter. The sex industry gave me a great deal of skills that I utilise in all aspects of my life. I am extremely empowered now, I am very capable of setting very clearly defined boundaries,and I have a far greater understanding of safer sex practices and equipment. Before that I was just like many other women who were on the Pill and had casual sex without negotiating condom use. Now I teach my clients about STI transmission and the benefits of using condoms or femidoms.

Since entering the sex industry I am much more comfortable with my body. I still hate my rotund bottom but after so many years of my clients giving me very respectful, lovely compliments I have come to understand that real men like all shapes and sizes – NOT just the magazine/ billboard size 1 models everyone thinks all sex workers should look like.

My self esteem is just fine thanks. I can assure you I am not in denial about how I choose to live my life.

I love my job. My clients are great. It’s the general public who dismiss the voices of sex workers again and again that hurt us. You guys are the ones who we want to escape from. You are the ones who make me sad and upset.

And then here is this hair leg:

HC :

08 Apr 2011 10:19:43am

The re-criminalisation of the sex industry is necessary to prevent and address trafficking into prostitution and prevent sexual servitude. Victims of trafficking also need assistance. Brutal violence against prostitutes are inherent in the nature of this sad industry. Changes in laws do not protect vulnerable women. These women should be helped out of their situation, but legitimizing them isn’t the answer. Prostitution is a form of male violence against women. Decriminalization is a boon to the underworld. Prostitution and the trafficking of women are not separate issues.

Far from empowering women, prostitution does little more than reduce women to instruments of pleasure and impersonal objects for sexual gratification. The real lesson here is plain and simple: human dignity can be legislated away. Legalized prostitution does not stop illegal prostitution, but allows it to continue to operate, with unregulated prostitution increasing faster than legal prostitution activities.

I’m just waiting for some of the ladies to get a hold of his happy ass. It if doesn’t happen I’m setting Bad Brandy on him.





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How do people progress? By learning. Learning from your own mistakes and observing others mistakes and learning from that. The US of A is in a position to do just that. However, you have to be willing to learn and willing to ask the questions that will prevent mistakes from being made here.

I came across the article below this morning. Some people, like the Farleys, will look at it and go “SEE! THAT’s why we can’t legalize prostitution here and why it won’t solve diddly squat!”

Others, like myself, look at the same article and go “Hmmm, I see. How can we prevent that scenario from happening here should we adopt a similar policy?”

Here is the article (Sex slavery continues in Europe) and here are some snippets:

There are several scholars and organizations in the United States who have advocated the legalization of prostitution in order to remove the crime from the sex trade.If one removes the profit motive for an illegal activity, organized crime will always subvert the system in order to maintain their profits.

The recent arrest of pimps and “window brothel” owners in Amsterdam’s red light district revealed the continuation of organized crime gangs involved in the sex trade.

The rationale for the law, at least in past, was legalizing prostitution would reduce the presence of organized crime in the sex trade. Brothels were licensed, opened for health inspections, and both owners and prostitutes would be taxed as would any other legitimate business and worker.

Organized crime gangs did what organized crime gangs usually do: adjust their operation and search for loopholes in order to achieve illegal profits from criminal activity.

For example, the Brothel Law stipulates only those able to legally work in the Netherlands could seek employment in the sex trade.

This opened the door to “exotic” women and those exotic women were usually illegal aliens being forces at times into participating in the sex trade.  These illegal alien women — some still in their early teens — are from outside the European Union or from those countries in the EU not eligible to work in the Netherlands.

What I would like to know is why? Why are clients/customers/consumers choosing to go with illegal hookers as opposed to the legal ones? Are they cheaper? Do you just not know if they are legally allowed to work or not? Are there no standards/regulations/laws for the patronizing of an illegal prostitute? And how can we avoid this in the States if such a thing ever comes to pass?

Instead of climbing up on a soapbox and shouting “SEE! I TOLD you so!”, hunker your ass down in a think tank and figure out how to protect workers and consumers of the sex trade and figure out ways to avoid the trafficking aspect.

Do I have ideas? You know I do. If men have no repercussions no matter which prostitute they pick, they aren’t going to care. If a man has an option of freely being allowed to see a legal prostitute but will be fined, jailed, whatever by seeing an illegal prostitute – perhaps he will make the right choice. We all hear of ‘end demand’ programs, most of which don’t work because you don’t give anyone options. It’s my way or the highway.

Let the NGO maintain a list of (remember I’m against real life info here) certified/registered/legal prostitutes and issue ASWA cards. Yes I know, cards can be faked. That’s why you have an online database that you can use to verify the ID#s or whatever. Men can choose an ASWA member legally and avoid the illegal hookers. Make it known that there are penalties for being caught with an ‘illegal’ hooker and dumbass, you should have gone to the ASWA huh?

Would it work? Would it cause more problems than it would be worth? I don’t know. I can’t think of everything which is why there should be a board of AVP’s overseeing this kind of thing. Through collaboration we can come up with answers to these questions and more importantly – solutions.


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Pussy Control

Ladies, makeem act like they know
U are, was, and always will be pussy control

I prefer the original version (this sounds like some kinda redo) but I couldn’t find it…

Listen up ladies. Take back the control. Stop letting Farleys and other people tell you how you are supposed to feel. Don’t let pimps/boyfriends/or anyone else tell you what rights they have over your body. Your pussy. Your control. Farleys say that prostitution is paid rape. If a man is paying you he has no right to rape you. Don’t let your boyfriend try to talk you into having sex with someone you don’t want to have sex with, free or paid. Your pussy. If he wants to have sex with somebody for money, that’s his business. You don’t have to. Girl you have pussy control.

You set the rules. You set the pay and what you will and/or won’t do. Don’t let people talk down to you because you’re a whore. Stand up straight and look a man in the eye. You are not a victim, don’t act like one.

Don’t break down and weep because society thinks you are less than human. You are neither better than nor worse than any other woman out there. The fact that you  have pussy control scares the women who don’t have pussy control. There is no shame in doing what you want or need to do with your body as long as you are in charge. Someone calls you a whore? Say damn straight. I have pussy control.

Have respect for yourself by not allowing others to manipulate your emotions or tell you how you should feel. If others can’t respect you for being a strong, in charge woman then they can kiss your what?

No one else is in control of your pussy, your emotions, or how you feel about yourself except YOU. Learn it. Live it. Embrace it.

You can read all the crap you want to about how prostitution is bad, how it’s degrading, how it’s exploitation. Remember my motto: No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. No one can make you feel like shit without your permission. No one can make you feel degraded or less than human unless you let them. Don’t let them.

They say you should feel ashamed? Tell them fuck you.

They say you would do it if you love them? Tell them fuck you, do it your damned self.

Girl you have pussy control.

*This post was written in collaboration with Bad Brandy.


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Cash is no longer king.

IMO it still is. What with all the bank fee’s, credit card fee’s, fee’s to do this and that with YOUR money. Be that as it may, hookers are (actually have been for awhile) using gift cards more and more. It’s a good idea. Flashing a plastic card is better than flashing a wad of money and easier to carry and less suspect if you happen to have a run in with Uncle Blue. You can still pay your bills and buy your groceries. I don’t know of any crack dealers that accept American Express though.

Uncle Blue has caught up. Here is the story:

“Instead of having a bunch of cash around, they have a handful of gift cards,” Moon police Chief Leo McCarthy said. “You automatically believe cash is an ill-gotten gain. But if you see a couple of gift cards, you might not think twice. It’s just another game people play.” (It’s not a game we enjoy playing… trust me.)

“It’s becoming more difficult to find cash on them,” North Fayette police Chief Jeffrey Falconer said.

Gift cards, sometimes called stored-value cards, easily are obtained and can be reloaded with amounts of money, McCarthy said. Visa, MasterCard and American Express issue the most popular types, he said.

In 2006, the Justice Department warned that prepaid gift cards make ideal instruments for money laundering from illegal activity with little risk of discovery and seizure by police. (Oh lovely, now a gift card is going to be used as ‘evidence’ of prostitution).

“The ones we’re working are still using cash, but (gift cards) may be next the next trend,” Findlay police Chief Jesse Lesko said. “They don’t like to give up the $5,000 or $6,000 they earned over a weekend.” (Holy CRAP, I’m in the wrong town!)

Pittsburgh police have not noticed an increase of gift cards on prostitution suspects. (Then what is the point of this story?)

“But, it definitely would make sense. In general, they would think it wouldn’t be as suspect as having a large amount of cash,” said Cmdr. Cheryl Doubt, who heads the bureau’s narcotics and vice division. “They’re smarter than we give them credit for sometimes.” (Ass…)

Moon police made one prostitution arrest from 2004 through 2007, but made 111 since — including 54 last year and 18 so far this year.

Departments along the Airport Corridor often work together as a “mini-task force,” McCarthy said. If they aren’t responding to specific complaints from hoteliers, detectives usually start investigations on the Internet.

“We could be up there everyday, to be honest,” Falconer said. “They’ll always be there. It’s the oldest profession, but we’re being more proactive.” (*eyeroll* No you’re not. Pro-active is finding solutions, not spitting people through a revolving door. The only thing you are being pro-active in is further exploitation of these women by arresting them, fining them, and letting them go so that you can arrest them and fine them again to fill up your piddly ass budget.)

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Bad Brandy

There are two sides to every coin, you can’t have an up without a down, there can not be a top without a bottom, there is not good without bad.

In an effort to keep Brandys Bedroom civil and leaning more towards the advocacy aspect of sex work, I have allowed Bad Brandy her own place. The place where she will bitch to her hearts content. You can read if you want, relate to it probably, let it piss you off, and giggle to yourself. It is not a place for debate or discussion but you can leave comments if you wish.


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Comparison Studies: Accountants and Cars

In high school and especially in college, the easiest way for me to understand a concept that I couldn’t quite grasp was to visualize and compare to something I was familiar with. Something I could relate to. For instance white blood cells. Ok I grasped what they were, how they work, and why they are there. I understood better when I pictured and compared them to an army. They are housed in the bone marrow like soldiers in bunkers and when a foreign army tries to penetrate your body’s defenses out they come like good little soldiers and go attack the enemy (thus the increase in white blood cells are an indicator of disease or infection). OH ok I get it. Yes, yes much more to it than that but this post is not a lesson in leukocytes.

So lesson 1: Prostitution is a dangerous job. No it’s not. Our working conditions are dangerous. Being a soldier in Iraq is a dangerous job, being a firefighter is a dangerous job, being an accountant would be a dangerous job IF they were forced to work in the same conditions that prostitutes are. Think about it and picture this. If CPA’s were forced to work on the streets as opposed to an office building, if CPA’s had to hide every time a cop car rolled by, if CPA’s had to see their clients alone. Their clients are strangers to them, they don’t know if they are drug addicts or axe murderers either. Oh wait, those kind of people don’t hire accountants. Wanna bet? I can totally see Dennis Rader, a man who graduated with a degree in Administration of Justice, led a Cub Scouts group and was active in his church needing to hire the services of an accountant. Or how about Ted Bundy who worked for the Washington State Republican Party? Imagine one of these guys hiring the services of an accountant. And what if accountants had to work in secret out of motel rooms or back seats of cars? What if they were lucky enough to escape the clutches of Mr. Rader or Mr. Bundy? They couldn’t go to the police if accounting were illegal. Don’t you think Mr. Rader and Mr. Bundy KNOW that?  Accountants would be considered easy targets for those nut jobs.


So lesson 2: Having sex is not a ‘right’. Neither is having a car. So let’s one day decide that since having transportation is not a right (but a privilege for those that can afford it.. ahem) and that there are so many dangers inherent in driving a vehicle because there are a few people who can’t operate a motor vehicle responsibly, let’s just take all the cars away. For those that are new to this blog and haven’t felt like reading my earlier posts – I delved into this subject here.

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